Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One week in Hong Kong

Scene at sunset in Northeast Hong Kong
this past Sunday

Work hard, play hard. That's a saying I've heard more than once in my life -- and have to say that I really feel that I'm living that maxim over here in Hong Kong -- a place that's notoriously workaholic but, also, I reckon, full of people who know how to actively have fun (rather than, say, just lounge around watching TV like I feel too many people in Astro-dominated Malaysia).

In any event, here's reporting that this past week, I got my first pay check from my new employers. (One that, more than incidentally, I'm pleased to report is larger than previously even though I also work fewer days a week and fewer hours a day!) Also, that the following are some of the things I did outside of work over this time period:-

Tuesday: Stay home sheltering from the typhoon(!);

Wednesday: Go out and attend a theatrical performance of Alex (the stage version of the Charles Peattie and Russell Taylor cartoon strip) at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in Wan Chai (Note to Hong Kong movie fans: The HKAPA is the very academy that was celebrated in Simply Actors (2007));

Thursday: Celebrated my birthday by taking my mother to see the very fun Mamma Mia! (the ABBA-inspired movie -- which I had seen by myself the previous week and enjoyed very much!) at the Palace IFC in Central;

Friday: Attended a screening of Turkish-German filmmaker Fatih Akin's involving Head-On (2004) at the Hong Kong Film Archive, then went for dinner with a couple of friends and after dinner, walked along the promenade from Sai Wan Ho to Tai Koo Shing (one of the beauties of Hong Kong is that it's perfectly safe for four women to go for a walk in the park/by the harbour at 11:30pm!);

Saturday: Dim sum lunch with a whole bunch of people in a restaurant inside the APM in Kwun Tong (on another Hong Kong movie fan note: this is the modern complex that can be briefly seen from projectionist Anthony Wong Chau San's window in Mr. Cinema (2007)); then a Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra concert at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui in the evening; followed by a late night viewing of my beloved Arsenal lose to Hull City (the one blot on my otherwise wonderful week) on TV in a Causeway Bay pub with fellow Gooners (including my mother!);

Sunday: Hike in Tai Mei Tuk and a walk on the 2km dam that separates Plover Cove Reservoir from Plover Cove with friends, followed by a bona fide Hong Kong-style barbecue (or "bbq" in Hong Kong-ese; one in which every one does his or her own cooking and where the food includes squid and various kind of meatballs as well as sausages and meat :D); and

Monday: Attend a piano recital by Peter Jablonski at the Hong Kong City Hall in Central.

(So, if you ever wondered what are some of the things I get up to/go for while not blogging nor working... ;b)


Glenn, kenixfan said...

Is there a plaque up at the academy apologizing to the public for the film Simply Actors? Maybe if the film had been about 45 minutes shorter, it would be have tolerable to me?

Like a HK version of Fantasy Island with a bunch of guest stars and nothing else.

Your week sounds busy indeed! Glad to hear your pay is more too!

Willow said...

Happy belated birthday.

Congrats on the new job. Fewer hours, more pay? Score! haha

You do live the life! A very pleasant week, except for the typhoon. What do you do when there's a typhoon and you're ensconced at home?

alejna said...

You certainly do keep busy!

It would seem that I missed the details of your job change. When did that happen? What sort of job are you doing now? Will it give you more time for blogging?

humanobserver said...

It is always pleasant to take fotos of sunsets...

In between, happy belated birthday.

YTSL said...

Hi Glenn --

Haha re your "Simply Actors" comments. Didn't love it either but, at the same time, enjoyed the on-screen parade of familiar faces. Didn't think I'd see its like again in the 21st century. (And if you have yet to view them, steer clear of "Twins Dragons" and "The Banquet" (Hong Kong), will ya?! ;b)

Hi Willow --

Thanks and had to chuckle at your "Score!" remark. :)

As for what I do when the typhoon strikes: With my mother around, we talked a lot. Usually, though, I do stuff like go on line or read a book... ;)

Hi Alejna --

Yes, I do keep busy but bear in mind that, unlike you, I don't have children and husband to look after! ;b

Re my new job: Started it a little more than a month ago -- and now am listings editor at the South China Morning Post (newspaper). As to whether it'll give me more time to blog: I guess... it's just that I spend a lot of that time doing other leisure things too... :)

Hi humanobserver --

Thanks for the b-day greetings and agree re the sunset photo sentiments. :)

The Good Witch said...

Happy belated birthday!

New job sounds great!

YTSL said...

Hi Eppie --

Thanks! :)

sarah bailey knight said...


What a full schedule and variety of places, people and events you participate in.

The barbecue cook your own food sounds fun. Do you trade foods with folks or mainly eat what you yourself bring?

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Yes re my schedule, etc. And on it goes... as I've just returned from attending a concert by the HK Sinfonietta. Also, you know what? Another typhoon's coming our way in the next few days!!!

Re the barbecue: We cheated a bit and went to a specialist barbecue place where we bought a food package and they lit the charcoal fire for us. But you eat what you yourself cook as everyone has their own skewers. (BTW, have a photo of the food. Will make it a point to put it up within the next week or so.) :b

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday to you from me and HD. Luckily you reminded us in your blog. As you know, we are all getting older. Memories are not that great anymore, hehe.... Happy Belated Birthday!

YTSL said...

Hi Kit --

Thanks for the belated birthday wishes from you and HD. No need to apologize for forgetting. This since I don't think I even KNOW when either of your birthdays are! ;D

Dragonstar said...

Belated birthday greetings from me, too, and I love your photo!

Your new job sounds good - fewer hours for more pay must be better! Don't like the typhoon idea much, though.

YTSL said...

Hi Dragonstar --

Thanks and yes re the new job. I sometimes think it's more pressure but so much balances in its favor. So... :)