Sunday, July 13, 2008

Northeast Hong Kong hike, Part II (Photo-essay)

There have been times when I worried that my blog was getting too Hong Kong-centric. However, what with posting quite a few entries over the past weeks that related to my visit to Japan and return to Penang in recent months, I'm now thinking that Hong Kong latterly has been somewhat neglected. So, have decided that it's high time to resume putting up photos from the
Wu Kau Tang to Sam A hike in Plover Cove Country Park that I went on with a couple of friends back on the third day of Chinese New Year 2008 (and had my first photo-essay on back on May 7)!

As my hiking companions and I went further east
along the trail, past Wu Kau Tang's abandoned villages
and deeper into the countryside, the ex-geology student in me

started seeing rocks whose shapes fascinated me!

A little further along the trail from Wu Kau Tang
towards Sam A Chung, the rocks and sand
actually turned purple-ish in color!

It was dry season when we did our hiking...

Otherwise, this river would not have been
as narrow and shallow as in these photos

Looking back now while we're currently
right in the middle of an unusually wet summer,
it's almost weird to recall that it was so dry then!

Also, on the same hike, we were soon within sight
of the sea
-- specifically at Sam A Wan (whose 'Sam'
is 'three' is Cantonese
and 'Wan' is 'bay'...
now if only someone would tell me
what 'A'
stands for in the same language!)

Geological features were to this middle leg of the hike
what abandoned villages were earlier on
majorly fascinating features of the landscape!

Sam A Tsuen -- a place with
beautiful vistas to appreciate when alive
and good feng shui that can be utilized by the dead
(for yes, that indeed is a grave out there in the distance!)

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