Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wong Shek Pier (Photo-essay)

Wong Shek Pier is not just a pier per se but also the name given to the area around of it that's located on the northwestern edge of Sai Kung East Country Park. The northern terminus for such as the 96R bus that runs from Diamond Hill MTR station, the pier itself also is the setting off point for kaito ferry services to Tap Mun Chau (aka Grass Island).

I visited Tap Mun Chau last December and plan to devote a photo-essay to it at some point in the near future. However, this blog entry will focus on Wong Shek Pier: the pier itself but also the area nearby, in particular that which gets glimpsed if you were to go on the very easy Wong Shek Family Walk and nearby -- and super short (230 meters!) -- Tai Tan Tree Walk that my mother and I went on -- on a day when the air wasn't as clear as one would like (but still afforded a few scenic views).

For all of it being in a remote area of Hong Kong,
Wong Shek Pier still is one of those places
that attracts its share of anglers along with other visitors

Quite the calm looking sight, isn't it?

Wong Shek Pier Still Life

Yes, well -- waiting for the kaito for Tap Mun Chau,
I started getting 'artistic' with my photography! ;b

Also in the area: wind surfers,
many of whom seemed to spend more time
in the water than wind surfing! ;D

Note the number of capsized wind surfers in this shot!

It really was still just fall/autumn when I visited the area...

Nonetheless, the landscape's dominant colors
were blue (be it grayish-blue or some other shade)
and green for the most part


Willow said...

Not much wind for windsurfing, eh? There's many a spot along the byways on which I travel next to the SF Bay where I sometimes see windsurfers taking advantage of the waves and wind and projecting themselves up 15- 20 feet into the air. Not to mention the flipping and other sporty moves. A sight to behold for someone content with viewing from afar on dry land.

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

Actually, as I recall, there was some wind! Maybe too much as far as some of the windsurfers were concerned!! ;D

Anonymous said...

I do love your artistic shots!:) Your mentino of anglers reminded me of a sign I saw recently on a peer saying "Private property. Fishing prohibited". It was surrounded by something like a dozen fishermen :) I wished I'd had my camera with me.

YTSL said...

Hi a. --

Glad that you appreciate my artistic shots. Feel encouraged to try out more of those now! :)

And haha re your anglers and sign anecdote. Wonder how those folks would have reacted though if you had tried to take a photo of them!