Friday, February 29, 2008

Tofu as well as movie and music talk!

A stall in Central's Graham Street market
that sells lots of different types of tofu

The issue of bc magazine that came out in print on yesterday (and whose on-line version was loaded onto the internet earlier today) is one that took quite a bit out of me. 'Why's that?' I hear you ask. To which I'll simply reply by pointing out that the following sections of the magazine are among those written by moi:-

i) Tofu Talk -- a four page feature article that's my first food focused piece for the magazine;

ii) This Dennis is No Menace -- interview with Dennis Law, director, scriptwriter and producer of Category III-rated actioner Fatal Move;

The Sun Shines On -- arts feature piece on the Sun of Latin Music, Eddie Palmieri;

iv) Messiaenic Woman -- arts feature piece on pianist Joanna McGregor and the formidable piece of music that she will be performing at the Hong Kong Arts Festival on March 8;

v) Belle of the Universe -- interview with TV Carpio (daughter of Theresa and one of the stars of Julie Taymor's mesmerizing Across the Universe);

vi) Review of Shamo -- Soi Cheang's Category IIB-rated latest;

vii) Review of I Could Never Be Your Woman -- romantic-dramedy starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd;

viii) Review of Vantage Point -- The number one movie at the US (but not Hong Kong) box office this past weekend;

ix) This issue's Editor's Diary;

x) This issue's entire bumper Live Music section; and even

xi) This issue's Competitions page! ;S


Anonymous said...

Thanks for directing us over there. I very much enjoyed your tofu article. (Of course, I very much enjoy tofu, in the many forms I've met it. Of course, I haven't met the stinky varieties you mention in the article. The smell of "open drains" doesn't sound too appealing to me, either...

YTSL said...

Hi Alejna --

You're welcome and glad you enjoyed the tofu article. Re stinky tofu: It's hard to believe how stinky it really can be. I've been told by more than one person that it tastes great but much as I try, I really can't get past its godawful pong! ;(

sarah bailey knight said...

So liked your "Tofu Talk" article. I hope you get more food assignments. Tofu desserts are so yummy!

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

You might get your wish as we've (finally!) got a new staff writer and she's taken over the Live Music section starting from the March 13 issue! ;b