Saturday, February 9, 2008

Heavy (This week's Photo Hunt theme)

This week's Photo Hunt was one that I had little problem finding appropriate photos for. (Hence my going for not one or even two but four pictures for this entry!) At the same time, I realize that my choice of photos to exemplify the heavy theme may need to come with some accompanying explanation. This, of course, I'm happy to provide! Just hope that people will find it all to be adequate...

Re the first three photos: Yes, they all really are of heavily polished specimens of heavy rocks -- as opposed to piddly stones -- that were on display in a section of Nan Lian Garden when my mother and I visited the Diamond Hill attraction back on one sizzling hot June day. And when I say heavy, I do mean it because these are big pieces (some of which stand taller than the average human being -- it's just that since I went for close up shots to show more clearly how -- for all of their not being made up of precious or even semi-precious minerals -- like works of art they can seem and were effectively exhibited as, there's nothing in the pictures to indicate their true scale and size)!

As for the fourth photo: Last Sunday, I decided to have lunch at Jin Luo Bao, a Korean restaurant over in Causeway Bay. From the menu, I ordered a single dish (kalbi -- a barbecued meat) but this being a traditional Korean restaurant, my order came accompanied by seven side dishes (including a soup) along with some rice as well as a mug of barley tea. All this, I think you'd agree -- especially post viewing the photo -- made for a pretty heavy meal for a single female diner like myself to have! Fortunately, the bill didn't tax my wallet much at all, seeing as it came to less than HK$70 or US$9 (including 10% service charge). And especially since it really was very delicious (and so much so that I actually didn't have too many problems eating up the entire meal), have to say that I thought that it really made for quite the bargain! :b


LB said...

Yes they look heavy.Nice pictures.

Carver said...

Wonderful shots for the theme. The polished rocks are beautiful and the meal looks delicious. Have a great weekend.

the teach said...

Heavy rocks, heavy meal. Great photos! Happy PH! :)

JC said...

Great shots... those rocks, while hard to tell the scale, sure look slippery!

Linda said...

Very cool pictures...and the meal looks heavy, but GREAT! Mine is up at

2cents said...

Great photos, thanks for sharing.

Mine is up at
. Hope you can visit me too. Happy Photo Hunting.

Mia said...

I particularly love the stone pictures. Beautifully captured.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

The rocks did give the impression of weight to some extent, but then I noticed the rake marks in the sand, and that really did put it into perspective! The meal looks utterly delicious. I'm certain I'd eat the lot too :)

genny said...

Heavy really. Thats good choice.

Randi said...

It looks so tasty.
Great photos!
Happy weekend

jams o donnell said...

Those rocks are beautiful and that meal looks delicious. Great choices for this week's theme

Andrée said...

the stones are beautiful. I know they have machines to polish stones, but these seem too big for them! My Photo Hunt — Heavy is here. Thank you.

Yen said...

Yup,it does looks heavy! Awesome pics too:)

Anna said...

THose sure look heavy, thanks for sharing and nice pictures...

Mine is up too:
Every Beat Of My Heart

sbk said...


Phew, I'm so relieved after reading the text of your blog. The first photo gave me a scare. I thought it was some kind of viscous creature from the depths of the ocean which weighs tons! Love the Korean food as I'm always the first to gobble up the 'side dishes'.

Pato & Pearl said...

When i looked at the first picture, I was trying to figure out wat was it. Looks kinda "alien".hehe
And wow a heavy meal for you!

Pearl - thanks for visiting

jmb said...

I love those stones, I wonder how they polished them when they are so large.
I would say that meal is a bargain and I'm sure you enjoyed it.

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend YTSL.

YTSL said...

Hi lb, Genny, Jams O'Donnell and Yen --


Hi Carver, Mia and Randi --

Thanks, and hope you have a great weekend too.

Hi "the teach" and 2cents --

Thanks and so far, so good with this week's Photo Hunt. (I.e., have seen quite a few great pictures this time around!) :)

Hi jc --

Agree that these rocks look slippery, especially if they become wet! ;b

Hi Linda --

The meal was indeed heavy but very delicious -- so much so that I'm planning to have another like it before too long! ;b

Hi A. --

The rake marks also make it look very Zen, don't you think? :)

Hi Andree --

Actually, my gut feeling is that these being Chinese stones (and the Chinese seeming to love these type of thang -- I've seen other examples in Hong Kong but also other parts of the Chinese-speaking world), they were polished by hand!

Hi Anna --

The pleasure is all mine in being able to share -- and having people being willing to take a look and some pleasure out of my photos. :)

Hi sbk --

Hahahaha re your imagination conjuring up a sea monster out of a polished rock! Next time you come over to Hong Kong, maybe we can go to this particular Korean restaurant for a feast... :)

Hi Pato & Pearl --

You (guys) and sbk sure do have very active imaginations! ;D

Hi jmb --

I wish you could see these pictures in real life. Pictures, including mine, really don't do them justice. They are impressive! Also, hope you get to try some good Korean food some time. :)

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Great selection of photos for heavy. The polished stone looks heavy indeed, and that looks like a delicious, but heavy meal!

Dragonstar said...

The meal looks delicious, but the polished rocks are beautiful (I love rocks and gemstones)

YTSL said...

Hi Dragonheart & Merlin --

Thanks and while I don't think cats will enjoy the meal, wouldn't be surprised if your humans would! :)

Hi Dragonstar --

Agreed! :)

the teach said...

Ytsl, I haven't weighed my heavy books - no scale except a little postal scale which I'm sure would break down if I put one on it. :)

YTSL said...

Hi again "the teach" --

What... you only have a little postal scale??? You must not be all that weight conscious then! ;b

-TNChick- said...

I think that rock looks cool... and the meal looks pretty good, too!! =)

YTSL said...

Hi TNChick --

Thanks for the comments and the visit! :)