Monday, August 5, 2013

Furano and lavender

You know things are going to get really lavender-y
when the train to the area has a lavender-colored 
line running across it...
 ...and all the more so when even the manhole covers
have it that Nakafurano is Lavender Town!

My very sighting of Furano's lavender --
 Photographic proof that it takes hard work on the part 
of many humans to create these beautiful lavender fields

The travel agent in Hong Kong told me that if there was one place I should visit on my Hokkaido vacation, it should be Furano.  A Hong Kong friend, upon hearing that I was headed to Hokkaido in July, told me that I should make sure to check out the lavender fields in Furano.

In contrast, my copy of the Frommer's Japan did not contain a single mention of Furano and its lavender fields while my Rough Guide to Japan only mentioned Furano in terms of a ski resort being located there (although I see that later editions have since remedied this). So this might explain why I only saw one non-Asian looking person in Furano when I visited!

In any event, I'll let the above photos be your guide as to whether I think that Furano is worth visiting for its lavender and other flower fields -- oh, and the fact that I'm going to devote an upcoming photo-essay to pictures I took in Furano of the lavender and flower fields there. ;b


djmblue said...

So beautiful! I have a friend that is very superstitious, she won't tell anyone where she is going before she goes on a trip. To think if you did that you would have missed out on a lovely sight like this.

Just curious, were you able to buy any lavender oil or other products nearby?

sarah bailey knight said...

hi ytsl,

Wow, wow and more wow to your lavender photos. More please. How did puppet Ponyo like the fields?

eliza bennet said...

Looking forward to the lavender photos!!

YTSL said...

Hi djmblue --

I'll tell my friends about a trip I plan to take but I won't shout it online for all the world, including professional burglars, to know!

Re your lavender query: yes, one can buy lavender oil, sachets, soap, etc., even ice cream, at Farm Tomita. :b

Hi sarah sbk --

Hope you saw my recent blog entry -- and that Puppet Ponyo did enjoy being in the fields. ;)

Hi "eliza bennet" --

Keep on looking forward to them! :b