Tuesday, July 2, 2013

On Lantau Trail Stages 5 and 6 to hike's end at Tai O (Photo-essay)

What next after Keung Shan?  Some friends who've seen photos of the trail leading up it have vowed never to go hiking with me.  But I want to say to them and those who saw my previous photo-essay that 'You ain't seen nothing yet'!  For, truly, the hike along Lantau Trail Stages 5 and 6 really do yield some scenic and interesting sights... as hopefully can be seen in this photo-essay! 

And for the record: yes, this hike was one that gave me a real sense of accomplishment.  And I'd go so far as to rank it among the top 10 -- maybe even top 5 -- hikes I've been on thus far in Hong Kong... :b

Photos like this remind how dry a time of the year it was
when we hiked in this part of Lantau Island

490 meter high Ling Wui Shan literally was the
 high point of the 10 kilometer long hike 
 In all honesty, going down this steep hill
was more a trial than going up 
 A dragon awaits along the hike

Some people find it cheesy looking when viewed close up
but I thought this predominantly yellow flying dragon erected 
near the Tsz Hing Monastery was kinda cute and even cool! :)

A stream at Man Cheung Po and rocks with lines
 so straight that I can't help but think that
they're made by humans rather than nature

I'm not sure what's the more unexpected sight
along the trail -- the flying dragon or 
this Chinese Garden known as Lung Tsai Ngai Yuen

A short but super steep descent along the trail
takes one to the hike's end at Tai O


Anonymous said...

I am considering hiking the sections of the major trails (Lantau, MacLehose, Wilson, HK) but finding a hiking mate is so hard (all my friends and co-workers chicken out or not interested). Is it safe to hike alone in HKG?

I know the family and fitness trails can be done alone easily, but how about those non-family friendly trails?

YTSL said...

Hi Anon --

I used to be of the opinion that no real hiking trails (i.e., not those family and fitness ones) should be undertaken by oneself. I have had to change that now that I myself find myself without a regular hiking buddy (in lieu of my two most regular hiking friends currently being out injured).

I've decided that that those trails where there are lots of people about should be okay -- because in case of an accident, etc., you'd only have to a wait a few minutes for someone to appear in the area. Of the major trails, I'd suggest that the Hong Kong Trail has the most people on it -- and therefore is the best to be done alone.

But to be honest, if you've never been on the trail before, etc., I'd say it's best to go for the first time with someone before attempting it alone. Better safe than sorry, as the proverbial "they" say!