Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Past Chek Lap Kok airport to hike's end in Tai O (Photo-essay)

In my first photo-essay chronicling the second time I hiked from Tung Chung to Tai O, there were images that could get one thinking that a walk along this particular trail could feel like a walk back in time.  In reality though, part of this particular trail that almost entirely is located outside the boundaries of a country park also is not that far away from the very modern as well as large Chek Lap Kok airport designed by Norman Foster.  

So it's also true enough that every once in a while, one would hear the sound of planes flying overhead, coming into land or flying out even while beholding sights like that which are to be seen in this as well as the earlier hike photo-essay... ;b

There's a particular spot along the trail favored by
plane spotters...

Are these diffuse dayflowers (AKA Commelina diffusa)?
In any case, I really am happy to have spotted them :)

And are these montane kudzu 
that the pretty, small butterfly is perched atop?

 On Hong Kong hikes, one sometimes catches sight of dwellings 
that some might consider to be in an idyllic location and 
others reckon are just too remote to be ideal

Did the sign writers goof with the lower sign --
hence there being a need for handwritten corrections?

Especially in the last few kilometers before one gets to Tai O,
the trail offers up some nice coastal views

Go through that "hole" and Tung Chung
would soon be in range and sight...

Going this way along the trail, once you see this photogenic
 Yeung Hau Temple, you know you've made it Tai O :)

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