Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hakone Open-Air Museum Photo-essay

On my most recent Japan trip, I went to Hakone -- a popular destination for Tokyoites that lies less than 100 kilometers away from the Japanese capital city and is easily reachable by rail.  But while many Japanese are attracted to Hakone's hot springs, the number one Hakone attraction as far as I was concerned was the Hakone Open-Air Museum that is Japan's first open air museological establishment dedicated to exhibition art.

With more than 100 sculptures displayed in its 70,000 square meter grounds, the Hakone Open Air Museum is one of those institutions where wandering around is a must.  And that is precisely what I did for several hours -- over the course of which I came across many interesting and lovely sculptures but, also, scenic natural landscapes that formed great backgrounds for art -- and a relaxing hot spring foot bath which was as enjoyable as it was popular. ;b

On the other side of this tunnel like structure are
wonderful views and art works! :)

An optical illusion makes it look like an archer is 
shooting at Carl Miles' Man and Pegasus sculpture

 Peter Pearce's Curved Space Diamond Structure is both
a sculptural work of art and a working children's play area

On this giant ball's surface, you can see a self portrait
along with other reflected images :)

Torao Yazaki's Religious Medicant is a rare 19th century 
sculpture that can be found in the grounds of this museum's 
whose collections appear to mostly date to the 20th century

Picasso is big and well represented at this museum

Gabriel Loire's Symphonic Sculpture was my favorite
art work on display within the museum's grounds though

And Puppet Ponyo is a fan of that art work too
-- so much so that she had to be photographed on the
staircase inside the work! :b


kitliew said...

For a moment, I thought Ponyo is also one of the display in the museum! **Boink**

YTSL said...

Hi Kit --

Teeheehee... sorry, that'd be the Studio Ghibli Museum, not the Hakone Open-Air Museum! ;D

alejna said...

Wow, these are such beautiful photos! I love sculpture gardens, and this sounds/looks like an especially beautiful one. I will have to make it a goal to get there!

YTSL said...

Hi Alejna --

Thanks for thinking the photos beautiful. And yes, this museum's grounds and art was really pretty impressive. I hope you do get there one day to see for yourself. :)

Trekcapri said...

Hi YTSL, this is a very cool open air museum. Nice to catch a glimpse of you too. :) The 19th century sculpture is very striking. And of course I always enjoy seeing Puppet Ponyo.

Thanks so much for sharing.

YTSL said...

Hi Trekcapri --

It is indeed a very cool open air museum. And re the glimpse of me -- it's similar to your Photo Hunt photo for last week, right? ;b

And I'm glad you always enjoy seeing Puppet Ponyo. Trust that pictures of her bring a smile to your face. :)