Friday, August 20, 2010

Heidelberg Castle and the town below (Photo-essay)

After my Heidelberg host drove us part-way up the scenic Neckar River valley up to Hirschorn, we headed back into Heidelberg -- where she said her goodbyes to my German friend (and her long time friend) and I near the entrance to Heidelberg Castle -- some 300 feet above sea level on a hill overlooking the town. What with summer days in Germany being bright through to around 9pm, we found ourselves with plenty of daylight to explore the famously romantic town -- starting, of course, with its now ruined but still beautiful castle...

View of Heidelberg town through
a big, gaping hole in the castle's outer wall!

The castle may be ruined but enough remains standing
to give a sense of how large it was -- and actually still is

The Powder Turret split by an explosion
and turned into an eye-catching ruin

The less ruined (and more crowded with tourists)
inner section of Heidelberg Castle

A plaintive head that's one of many adorning the facade
of the castle's ornately decorated Friedrich Building

The views from the castle are beautiful indeed
-- especially on a blue sky day :)

Looking right across the river --
where we had been the afternoon before!

Hello once more -- Puppet Ponyo posing for a photo
at the castle on a hill
that also takes in
a part of the picturesque old town below :)


sarah bailey knight said...

hi ytsl,

Can you/did go inside the Powder Turret?

So glad to see Ponyo enjoyed her German vacation!

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

While all those railings might get one thinking so, I only saw one person in that area -- and he clearly looked like he had strayed off trail; so much so, in fact, that lots of other folks were staring as much at him as the ruin itself! :D

(And yes, Ponyo clearly had quite a ball in Germany! ;b)

Samson said...

This Ponyo clearly had a great time with you in Germany. But how about the poor little Ponyo who was injured at the laundry place? You didn't leave her in HK to recover on her own, did you?! : )

YTSL said...

Hi Samson --

I didn't leave Stress Ponyo alone -- although I did leave her in Hong Kong, she had the company of her sister (Pirate(d) Ponyo) and other plushies! ;D