Saturday, June 26, 2010

Purple (This week's Photo Hunt theme)

After a few weeks of Photo Hunt themes that I have found on the difficult side (and I know I'm not alone in this because of such as Carver's comments on my Photo Hunt entry last week), there has come one for which I have a plethora of photos and creative options.

One of these was to illustrate the purple theme by looking to nature and offering up some photos of beautiful wild flowers seen on hikes in Hong Kong (including one that took me up and down the appropriately named Violet Hill). But after hunting through my photo archive, I've opted for three photos that are more along the cultural side of the equation.

The first is one of many photos I can't find myself resisting taking while on the ferry crossing Victoria Harbour; one which I particularly like because it shows how red and blue bring about purple -- one of those unforgettable lessons learnt in art class as a kid.

The middle photo was taken at a free evening concert in the unlikely setting of the Tai Po Waterfront Park that included a range of performances including taiko drumming by students of the Tai Po-based Japanese International School and of excerpts from Vivaldi's The Four Seasons by the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong.

And the third photo, taken when I was at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts for a cultural performance, provides further evidence that Hong Kong is: a) not a cultural desert; b) definitely has its share of culture vultures; and c) seems to have a liking for the color purple in terms of artistic color scheme! ;b


W said...

Yes, I always consider the purple and green setting in the APA a brilliant idea.

magiceye said...

wonderful captures for the theme!

Colin Campbell said...

Lovely selection. I always loved trips across the harbour, especially at night. Take care.

jmb said...

Beautiful photo from the ferry YTSL. You are living the cultured life in HK from these photos.

Happy weekend to you.

jams o donnell said...

What a glorious set of photos! Beautiful!

YTSL said...

Hi W. --

Purple and green don't sound like a great combo to me in theory -- but it does seem to work a treat at the HKAPA. :)

Hi magiceye --

Thanks! :)

Hi Colin --

Yeah, I don't think I'll ever quite tire of the views that are to be had when crossing the harbour by ferry. :)

Hi jmb --

I've long been a bit of a culture vulture (in fact, I got that nickname decades ago at boarding school) -- so it's great to find that I can indulge those cultural tendencies here in Hong Kong. :)

Hi jams --

Am glad you like them. :)

keeyit said...

Awesome capture of purple color.
happy hunting~

Susan Demeter said...

Beautiful collection of photos! The view from the harbour is especially breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

what a perfect capture of that purple skyline--all great shots.

Annie said...

Love your cultural take on the purple theme. That first photo is stunning! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

The first picture is stunning! Great choices for this week's theme.

Gemma Wiseman said...

A fascinating set of photos! Really love the deep deep colourings in the first photo!

Alice Audrey said...

I love the first shot. The floor looks strange to me. Nice, but still odd.

Katya said...

A lovely selection of photos for the purple theme! I really like the pretty!

Sreisaat said...

Great shots you captured there. My favorite is the first photo. I love the HK harbour especially at night :D

Sreisaat Adventures

Carver said...

These are all great and the first one totally blows me away. The purple sky reflected on the purple water is amazing. I also always enjoy your cultural ones.

We were alike this week too in that I had a lot of choices for purple. My problem was I started thinking about what is purple and what is violet and in retrospect I could have used some of my new shots that I was afraid were violet. Happy weekend!

Gattina said...

Very interesting purples !!

LifeRamblings said...

love your different take on the theme. the first shot is amazing.

Mariposa said...

Stunning shots!
Enjoy your weekend!

Mariposa's PH!

YTSL said...

Hi Keeyit --

Thanks -- and happy hunting to you too. :)

Hi Sue --

The photo of the harbor view I took doesn't do it justice. But am glad that you got something out of it. :)

Hi "And Miles to Go..." --

Thanks, glad you like all the photos. :)

Hi Annie --

Am glad you like my cultural take on the theme. :)

Hi JDeQ --

Thanks! :)

Hi Greyscale Territory (Gemma?) --

Guess you like deep purple... what about Deep Purple? ;b

Hi Alice Audrey --

Is the purple with yellow stripes a bit too psychedelic for you -- especially for a cultural venue? ;b

Hi Katya --

Am glad you approve of the selection. :)

Hi Sreisaat --

Welcome (back) to Photo Hunting. :)

Hi Carver --

Seems we really do think alike! One reason I didn't go with the flower approach for this week's Photo Hunt was because I got to wondering whether some of the flowers I considered purple really were that color (or something else)! ;O

Hi Gattina --

Glad you think so! :)

Hi Life Ramblings --

Seems like the first shot is the clear winner in the popularity contest thus far! ;)

Hi Mariposa --

Thanks -- and yes, I definitely intend to enjoy the weekend. I live for the weekend! :D

A. said...

Wow!! That first picture is stunning! And you say that effect happens all the time?

bonggamom said...

I love how the sky turns purple at dusk, and you have captured it beautifully.

My purple post is up

MaR said...

That night shot is superb, love all your purple choices!

Dragonstar said...

So many beautiful and creative purples.

Kim, USA said...

Great shots and my favorite is the first one. I like the color of the water reflection. Happy weekend!

Purple blossom

Jama said...

Love that first shot, awesome!

YTSL said...

Hi A. --

Your reactions have reminded me how unusual(ly beautiful) something I've come to take if not exactly for granted, than as normal is. :)

Hi Bonggamom --

That first photo wasn't taken at dusk... ;b

Hi Mar --

You're more correct -- it is indeed a night shot! :b

Hi Dragonstar --

Am glad you like the purple range I put up. :)

Hi Manang Kim and Jama --

You two are most certainly not alone in liking that first photo best, it seems. :)

Aileen said...

Hihi just to say that's an amazing photo - and hi from someone who went to CGL in Penang :) (I was born in PJ and spent 8 years in Sandakan though)

YTSL said...

Hi Aileen --

Wow, you live in Hong Kong and you think it's an amazing photo! Really??? Also, did you attend CGL... because so did I!!!!!! :D

Aileen said...

AY!!! What year ar? 1978... I'm 1976... My mum is Mrs Saw the English teacher at CGL... but of course she never taught me lah...

Aileen said...

And yes I do think it's an amazing photo. Cos I usually take pictures with hp and just hang up the camera at night cos I think it's very difficult to take pics at night

YTSL said...

Hi again Aileen --

You mean CGL Secondary or Primary? If the latter... ermm... umm... I finished Form 5 there in 1984.

(And yeah, I agree that it's difficult to take photos at night. ;b)

Aileen said...

Oops Major Blunder. WHY did I think you were born in 1978 and therefore 2yrs my junior in CGL secondary?? I left CGL secondary 1993. d-uh d-uh sorry

YTSL said...

Hi once more Aileeen --

Eeeeeeeeee... from thinking I was much younger than you, I now realize I'm quite a bit older! :S

So... was Sister Aidan still headmistress when you were at CGL???

Aileen said...

No... missed her totally... And from what I hear CGL became less and less convent-like between your and my years.. also less emphasis on girl guides and more on kadet polis (tho of course the guides still quite active), stuff like that

YTSL said...

Hi once again Aileen --

Heard the same about CGL becoming less convent (school) like over the years. FWIW though, the police cadets were *the* uniformed society when I was there too (though I rebelled and didn't join any group with uniforms other than sports teams! ;b)

Aileen said...

Ohh i didn't know police cadets was popular then... i did join for a year but other than that did sports outside CGL... wud u believe I went to Hamid Khan to train!

YTSL said...

Yo again Aileen --

Funny how this Photo Hunt thread has become a nostalgic CGL one... ;b

Aileen said...

yeah sorry it's like totally out of topic :S

YTSL said...

Yo again Aileen --

No worries. Not upset but amused, actually! :D

Heart of Rachel said...

Lovely choices for the theme.

I like the night shot of the harbour. It looks romantic. :)

Marta said...

I'm a little late - Three great choices. The concert looks like it was great fun - outdoors and free! It can be amazing where purple will show up in daily life. We often don't realize it until we look a little closer.

YTSL said...

Hi Marta --

Better late than never! :b