Friday, June 4, 2010

Twenty-one years on (and counting)

Scene in Victoria Park earlier tonight

Who says Hong Kongers are politically apathetic? Thank you, Hong Kong -- for having a conscience, remembering and standing up to be counted on a night cooler than this time last year but similarly charged with emotion.

And to add to The Associated Press report that the crowd at Victoria Park earlier this evenng was large enough to fill six football pitches: actually, it looked more than that to me -- with some people spilling beyond those pitches onto the pedestrian walkways, jogging track and even the grassy Central Lawn.

Put another way: there were a lot of people out there tonight. And they sure weren't in the park to just leisurely stroll about; this not least because it was far too crowded out there to do so! :)


W said...

It took me 20 minutes to move from Causeway Bay MTR to the Park. When I reached there, I had to settle on the outer edge of the central lawn, some 200 metres away from the pitch. You can imagine the size of the crowd.

Anonymous said...

It's inspiring to see a sea of human lights that rivals Hong Kong's iconic skyline.

Wish I could have been there!

YTSL said...

Hi W --

I started off at Tin Hau MTR. Easy enough to get from the MTR station to Victoria Park. But once I got in there... but am definitely not complaining (of course!)! :)

Hi duriandave --

It's indeed inspiring -- and moving. I wish I could understand more Cantonese but hearing such as the Wong Fei Hung theme song playing and seeing the crowd bowing three times in tribute in unison brought tears to my eyes.