Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kap Lung Forest Trail (Photo-essay)

As I write this blog entry, the Hong Kong Observatory is reporting that it's 30 degrees Celsius outside and the relative humidity is at 82 per cent. Although I can't remember what the precise temperature and humidity level was on the day last November that my regular hiking companion (the self-named fuzzyflyingbunny) and I went on the Kap Lung Forest Trail, it must have been pretty hot and humid for my notes about it in my Hiking Diary (yes, I have one!) to include comments about this hike being notably for being "humid" as well as our seeing a lot of "green" and "gray skies" on it.

Something else I remember is that we went for long stretches during the downhill path without taking photos -- not because there was nothing worth catching our eye per se but because the path was so slippery and covered with tree roots and such that we had to pay close attention to where we were going. Still, as the following photos should hopefully show, we did stop every once in a while to enjoy being out in nature and viewing the kind of scenery that most people don't associate with Hong Kong and to take photographic records of it... ;b

Unmistakable signs at the start
as to what this particular trail was

Believe it or not, sections of this trail -- including
this descending part -- actually are open
(and thus shared by) mountain bikers along with hikers

Plenty of green on view indeed on this forest trail!

So... pray, tell: what's so scary about pedestrians
-- including this one? ;b

Berries so brightly colored like these purple ones
must be poisonous, right?!

Mist in the hills to the east

Wild flowers added welcome splashes
of color
along the trail

Looking down towards the populated plain below

To be continued...! :)


Maya said...

Even with all of your posts it is hard to believe that Hong Kong has so many wonderful trails. I would hate to run into or maybe I should say get run over by a mountain biker on that descent. I used to keep a hiking diary, but many years ago when we did a house swap the "kind" people living in our house decided to tear out the pages of my diary. I never got back into it, but maybe your post will motivate me.

ewaffle said...

"Beware of Pedestrians"

The two people pictured on the sign do look a bit as if they were skulking about.


YTSL said...

Hi Maya --

Remember/realise: Hong Kong has 24 country parks. So... there really are a lot of good trails in the territory! :)

And ouch re your house swap people being so... unthinking! FWIW, my hiking diary isn't all that detailed but it helps me keep track of which hikes I take, where and when (including what time of the year).

Hi ewaffle --

Heheheh... but the real life hiker in the photo (i.e., the fuzzyflyingbunny) seems okay enough, right? :b