Monday, September 28, 2009

Scary bugs!

Some of the scary bugs spotted while out hiking
in Aberdeen Country Park two Sundays ago

One of many large spiders seen on
an August hike in Tai Lam Country Park

I've seen some scary critters, including bugs as well as wild dogs, monkeys and snakes, while out hiking in Hong Kong. However, nothing is quite as scary to me as bugs that cause my precious computer to malfunction and even appear to outright cease functioning -- like it did last night.

Fortunately (and touch wood!), things seem okay again thanks to the wonders of "system restore", with a minimal amount of data lost. So this blog will return to "regular programming" soon. Still, I'd like to know -- and am scared by the lack of knowledge regarding -- what caused my computer to go (temporarily) bad on me.

Was it a glitch in the system, a virus or some other bug -- or did this summer's spate of very hot days cause my computer to overheat over time? I wish I knew so I could prevent that scary turn of events from taking place again in the future. Instead, all I know is that I actually think that computer bugs are scarier than nature's bugs -- even those whose very sight alone can cause me to feel pretty creeped out! :S


Anonymous said...

Wow... that's quite a spider. Was it as big as it looks?

sbk said...

The bugs in the top photo look like an alien invasion is occurring.

YTSL said...

Hi duriandave --

Yes, that spider really was pretty big. Was afraid that the photo couldn't give a sense of how big -- but seems like it's succeeded! :)

Hi sbk --

Teeheehee at your comment. And have to say it was a really freaky sight. Though, in retrospect, less freaky than my computer's actions on Sunday evening! ;S

Willow said...

Yes, those electronic bugs are the worst!

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

You sound as technophobic as me! ;D