Monday, September 14, 2009

One last photo from Ho Pui

Ummm... why? ;DDD

First, I showed you the beauty of Ho Pui Irrigation Reservoir and its surroundings. Now, here's the -- if not ugly, then bad. Bad English, that is! :D

I think the Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department authorities were trying to tell mountain bikers and such to be aware of pedestrians -- and maybe also hikers that they should generally be aware -- while going along the path leading up to the reservoir from Ho Pui village and back down again. Instead, the result is up there with the one about exhitbits -- which I've belatedly realised can be read as ex-hit-bits... and quite appropriate to find in a museum showing how convicts used to be punished by beating hit, among other things! ;D -- and, also, the injunction against sitting on the planter that I previously was moved to draw attention to.

So thanks, Ho Pui, for the great views, good memories and also chuckle-inducing sign which I trust that people will agree does merit a post entirely of its own! :)


Anonymous said...

Having been bitten by a pedestrian once, this sign makes perfect sense to me. ;)

YTSL said...

Hi duriandave --

You were WHAT?! Do tell more re that story!!!!! :O

Your EG Tour Guide said...

The sign made me giggle...then I read duriandave's comment. OH MY! Be ware of them indeed. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was just joking! But I suppose I could make up a story. ;D

YTSL said...

Hi "Your EG Tour Guide" --

Those scary pedestrians... ;b

Hi again duriandave --

Where is the embarrassed emoticon? I need it! Seriously -- was wondering if Glenn, made rabid by the Hong Kong heat and humidity, bit you as you were walking in Hong Kong one day during your visit... ;b

sbk said...

hi ytsl,

hehe ...maybe the sign is for the wildlife-snakes, etc.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Hmmmmm re that suggestion. I suppose pedestrians can sometimes be on the wild side... ;b