Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ho Pui Reservoir and surroundings (photo-essay)

As I hope a glance at this blog's many photographs taken in the territory will show, Hong Kong possesses its share of scenic spots and sites -- and I love visiting and appreciating them. So when I found out that Ho Pui Irrigation Reservoir in the northern section of Tai Lam Country Park was voted as one of the top ten scenic sites of Hong Kong, it was only a matter of time before I would head over there.

To be sure, it can be quite a trek to get there if you don't live in the northwestern New Territories. For my part, I had to first go from where I live to Yuen Long, then take a green mini bus from there to Ho Pui village. From the village, it's an uphill trek up to the reservoir. But, honestly, the hike's rated as being so easy that I felt safe to take my pre-operation mother there with me. As for whether it's worth the effort to get there, I'll leave you to judge based on the following photos:-

A rural community that appears far removed from
the urban jungle that many visitors to the HKSAR
mistakenly think is all there is to Hong Kong

No lie -- there still are working farms
and farmers in the Big Lychee! ;)

Sections of the MTR's West Rail line
viewed on the way up hill to Ho Pui reservoir

A shot of the reservoir -- at last! ;b

Be honest now -- even with all that pre-hype,
did you expect an
irrigation reservoir to look so lovely?

My mother walking through a trail by the reservoir
that's bordered on either side by bamboo plants

A more aesthetically pleasing than practical picnic spot? ;b

The physically impressive man-made reservoir wall
(and yes, that distant colorful speck is actually my mom!)

So... want more? I sure hope so since in assembling this photo-essay, I'm realizing that I have more photos taken that day that I want to share! :b


sarah bailey knight said...


Yes, more photos of this hike please. What lovely scenery. The photo of your mom walking in the bamboo grove is great.

Anonymous said...

Yes, more please!

Love the stonehenge picnic table.;p

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Glad you'd like to see more photos. Re the bamboo grove pic: have others without my mom but I think it's nice to see a human figure in that landscape. :)

Hi duriandave --

Yay, another vote for more pics! And hehe re the stonehenge description! ;b