Monday, October 6, 2008

Out in the wilds of Hong Kong (photo-essay)

A couple of photo-essays ago, I devoted an entry to recording the closest thing to a hike from hell that I've been on thus far. The more time passes between that hike and the present, however, the more I'm able to look back and recall some of the more positive moments from the experience -- in addition to my having friends who actually did help me make it down that awful mountain rather than leave me to my fate up there! So... here's presenting more photos taken during that hike -- one during which I did get the chance sometimes to stop and, if not smell, then at least take some photos of beautiful wild flowers, etc. ;b

Might these be wild coxcomb (celosia argentea)?
(At the very least, these fit the description of them
as being
"found in wild countryside or near villages")

Little did I know when climbing these steps
that I'd come to wish
there could be steps like them
during the latter part of the hike!

Back to focusing on flowers: and might this be
the Rose Myrtle
(Rhodomyrtus tomentosa)?

A sign that looks to be of a couple of folks gallivanting
under a tree but is meant to signify
something else
(I can't remember what though! ;( )

Bleeh, my flower book isn't helping as much as I hoped!
(But at least, we recognize that these are pretty flowers, right?)

Yes, there really are lots of flowers
growing wild
in Hong Kong's country parks... :b

A side and part of Hong Kong so many visitors
never see (and don't know exist)

This not least because, well, it sometimes does take
quite a bit of a climb to behold scenery like this! :)


Dragonstar said...

Beautiful photos! I think most people see just the buildings in Hong Kong. We never hear of the countryside - apart from your posts of course!

Maria Verivaki said...

amazing, when we think of hong kong, we think of a city of tall buildings made of glass and cement - who would think that the country has another side to it!

YTSL said...

Hi Dragonstar and Mediterranean Kiwi --

Am so glad to see this post attract comments... and from Photo Hunters to boot! :)