Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tung Lung Chau Part II (photo-essay)

A little more than a week ago, I put up my first Tung Lung Chau photo-essay -- one that ended with the promise that there was another photo-essay to come of my day trip last May to the ninth biggest of Hong Kong's 236 islands. So, without further ado, here are more photos of the place and its attractions :b :-

Literally not far away
from where we left off in the first photo essay

The kind of view and sight that one feels a need
to pause for a few moments to drink in

Still, the main official draw in the
Tung Lung Fort Special Area
are the ruins
of the 18th century
Tung Lung Fort

As its thick walls hint, the now declared monument
was part of a maritime Chinese defence system,
built to command the Fat Tong Mun Channel

As I hiked around the island,
was moved to reckon that it has formidable
as well as human-made fortifications

As rocky as Tung Lung Chau may be though,
there actually is quite a proliferation of flora
to be found on and about it

One of my favorites: Splash-of-white
(yes, that really is its name!) -- so-called because of
its 'white jade leaves' that actually are part of the flower

And although it's been described as an 'invasive species'
in places like Florida and Hawaii,
must admit to
liking the splashes of color that the Rose Myrtle
gives to the countryside where it grows


Dragonstar said...

That looks like such a magnificent place, and I love your flower photos.

Lilly said...

Your photos are so beautiful - you are really talented.

YTSL said...

Hi Dragonstar --

Tung Lung Chau is indeed a wonderful place and thanks for appreciating my flower photos! :)

Hi Lilly --

Thanks much for the compliments! But, honestly, it helps when there's so much natural, etc. beauty about. And if you're wondering, I NEVER use Photo Shop on my photos! :b

sarah bailey knight said...


Thanks for putting up more photos. Again I like the closer views of where you hike. The different textures in the rocks are so interesting. Also the splash-of-white is very cool-both the name and flower itself.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Somewhat ironically, you have to partially thank the air pollution for my ending up taking lots of close-up shots when hiking! On a more positive note: I learnt from going on safari in Tanzania to try to be really observant when out among nature as really, there is so much to check out if you look about and carefully. :)