Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tung Lung Chau (photo-essay)

For those who thought that the March hike from hell would permanently put me off hiking: no fear! And while it was a little bit more than two months until I was back in the saddle again -- thanks in no small part part to my getting tempted by what this year's Hong Kong International Film Festival had to offer -- a Roz's Hiking Group outing to the island known as Tung Lung Chau (trans. East(ern) Dragon Island) this past May, as this photo-essay shows, proved too tempting to resist...

The pier on Tung Lung Chau
(complete with portabin at its edge!)
For reasons best known to them, I spotted lots of 
normally fluttery creatures at rest (or plain asleep?)
on Tung Lung Chau that day!

And because it rained just before we got there
(and on the boat trip to the island),
got to see
such delicate sights as these water drops on spider webs

Maybe not as delicate as the above but still pretty
and worth appreciating all the same, right?

It might look steep but let me assure you
that this was one of the easier hills to climb

I've encountered here in Hong Kong! ;b

And when one gets rewarded with views like this,
the ascent really does feel very worth it :)

At the same time, after descending from that hill,
one realizes -- wow, it's actually quite high up! :D

Stunning? You ain't seen much yet
-- in fact, I'm not even past the half-way mark
of our hike
yet! (Which can only mean that...
yep, another Tung Lung Chau photo-essay awaits!)


Lilly said...

Your photos are stunning and you are not even past the half way mark? Wow, good on your. I am not sure I could make it a quarter way up the mountain!

YTSL said...

Hi Lilly --

Glad you like the photos and yep, there are more to come from the Tung Lung Chau trip. Oh, and on the same hike, went on to climb up a higher, more difficult hill... ;b

Dragonstar said...

These are lovely photos. How kind of the weather to rain just before (rather than during!) and give you such lovely photo-ops!

sarah bailey knight said...


Can't wait to see more photos from your Tung Lung Chau hike. Like the variety of photos-hills, ocean, people, nature-close ups, etc.

YTSL said...

Hi dragonstar --

One weird thing about weather in Hong Kong: it really can rain and then stop doing so very quickly! Like a friend who visited from elsewhere commented: I used to think this phenomena only happened in the movies... but now I know it's real -- at least in Hong Kong. :b

Hi sbk --

Glad you like the photos -- and that this hiking photo-essay is actually attracting comments! :)

Willow said...

Well, I kinda think that looks steep. lol. Climbing the Great Wall freaked me out but not the 65-year-old grandma next to me. Go figure.

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

You mean walking on the Great Wall -- as opposed to climbing up it -- right? To be fair though, parts of it are surprisingly steep... ;D