Sunday, October 19, 2008

Culture vulture weekend

Actor Lam Suet and editor-director Law Wing-cheong
at the Q&A after the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival screening
of the actually made-for-TV Tactical Unit - The Code

It seemed like just a few moments ago that I was thinking TGIF and, also, how nice it is that since I no longer work on Saturdays (as well as have to work late on Friday (and Thursday) evenings on alternate weeks), my weekends actually begin on Friday evenings. But now, as I write this sentence, I find that it's less than one hour to the beginning of a new Monday. So, if truth be told, it can seem like the weekends still aren't long enough for my liking! ;(

Having said that though, I must admit to managing to cram quite a bit into my weekends here in Hong Kong. A case in point: This particular weekend's activities have included taking in a comedy show at the Take Out Comedy Club in the Big Lychee's version of Soho (i.e., the area South of Hollywood Road!) on Friday night, a jazz gig and televised Arsenal match -- we won, we won!!! -- on Saturday night and checking out two films screening as part of the on-going Hong Kong Asian Film Festival today along with a flying visit before that to check out the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre in Shek Kip Mei.

Although I wish it were otherwise, social realist classic Dry Summer (Turkey, 1964 -- 8.5 on the scale) and police procedural Tactical Unit -- The Code (Hong Kong, 2008 -- 7.0) actually are only the third and fourth Hong Kong Asian Film Festival entries that I've viewed to date; with the two earlier ones being the whimsically fun Yoshino's Barber Shop (Japan, 2004 - 7.5) and Always -- Sunset on Third Street 2 (Japan, 2007 -- 9.0), one of those wonderful feel-good movies that nonetheless got me weeping so much -- both out of happiness as well as sadness -- that I had to go wash my face after the screening!

Still, it's a darn sight better than last year when I ended up taking zero screenings at that which proudly claims to be Hong Kong's second largest annual film festival (in large part because of my then being way too busy as well as unpredictable schedule made it so that I couldn't feel confident about being able to have certain evenings and weekends free to watch movies of my choice for fun). So... onwards and upwards, we hope and trust! :)

(P.S. I've received a couple of requests to write some movie reviews for this blog, especially now that I'm no longer reviewing movies anywhere. The thing, though, is that the movie viewings -- and other activities -- are coming too thick and fast for me to want to do so. To wit: Tomorrow, I'm off to another movie screening after work. So, sorry, but I just don't see the inclination to do so being there for some time to come.)


Lilly said...

NO, weekends are not long enough at all. I totally agree. Seems like you crammed a lot into your weekend nonetheless. have a great week and may it go quickly so the weekend comes around again quickly!

sarah bailey knight said...


Wow Lam Suet!! And "Yoshino's Barber Shop" !@!! a movie I've been trying to find for the last year!!! Naoko Ogigami also directed two movies I really like. Kamome Shokudo/Seagull Diner (2006) and the delightful Megane/Glasses (2007). Masako Motai is in all three movies. She plays quirky older woman so well. I saw Megane in Tokyo (san subtitles) and just thinging about brings a smile to my face.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Have a nice week ahead!!!

YTSL said...

Hi Lilly --

Well, am done with work today (Monday)! So... one day down, four more to go! :b

Hi sbk --

Hate to make you really envious -- hmmm... since you've SEEN Brigitte, etc.! -- but that's the second time I've seen Lam Suet. (First was at the red carpet walk before "Run Papa Run" at this year's HKIFF). As for "Yoshino's Barber Shop": It's a cute film. Post watching it, really wish I had realized that "Megane" and "Glasses" were one and the same film since you mentioned one title to me earlier but the HKIFF catalogue only used the other... :(

Hi "heartbeats" --

Thanks, and you too! :)

Glenn, kenixfan said...

Wow, I can't imagine you crying at films. I always imagine you to be quite analytical (he says having himself cried during Superman Returns! LOL!)

Law stepped in front of the camera in Sparrow and was quite funny, I thought.

I am intrigued about the Always films, especially some weird Godzilla reference in one of them?

YTSL said...

Hi Glenn --

As schizophrenic as it may sound, I can be analytical *and* emotional at the same time -- e.g., when watching a movie, I may KNOW I'm being emotionally manipulated but nonetheless react to the emotional manipulation! Having said this, I don't normally get reduced to major weepiness -- but both "Always" 1 and 2 did that to me!

Also yes, there's a Godzilla reference in "Always 2" -- and quite amusing too, I thought. :)