Sunday, June 15, 2008

The amazing Osaka Aquarium (photo-essay)

The following may sound sick but if I had to describe in a nutshell what I did during my recent visit to Osaka, it's first go and see lots of fish and other aquatic life at the incredible Osaka Aquarium that is Japan's largest (with a water volume capacity of 11,000 tons) -- and surely best? -- and then follow that up by heading to the justifiably famous Dotonburi and eating a lot of relations of what we had ooh-ed and aah-ed over at the aquarium!

Even sicker is the fact that I toyed with the idea of doing a photo-essay that showed some of what I saw at the aquarium along with some of what I ate on my Dotonburi visit... But, as it turns out, have enough pictures from the aquarium to make up its own separate photo-essay. Consequently, you're spared what might have seemed to some to be a rather twisted set of snaps... ;b

View from the world's largest ferris wheel,
including of the Osaka Aquarium's colorful building

"What are you looking at?",
a large California sea lion looked to be asking me

Can you spot the fish in the picture?

How about with this one?

Alternatively, this whale shark,
and the school of fish that seemed to want
to go wherever it went,
is pretty much impossible to not notice!

After we saw how they looked from the bottom,
we got to calling the sting rays and their ilk
Caspers (as in 'the Friendly Ghosts')!

While still on rays: Is it just me
or does this manta ray bring to mind
some kind of alien space ship?!

Confirmation, if needed, that
the Osaka Aquarium contains hundreds,
if not thousands, of water creatures!


A. said...

It looks a fascinating pla(i)ce. Sorry, couldn't resist :) It must be absolutely enormous! The pictures are superb.

YTSL said...

Hi A. --

Very punny! And yes, the Osaka Aquarium is indeed enormous. Glad some of my pictures came out okay -- there were these amazing crabs that looked like something out of the war of the worlds. Unfortunately, my pictures of them just didn't do them justice at all... :S

just me said...

Oh I love aquariums. Once spent an entire day in Monterey Bay Aquarium, California and didn't make it to San Francisco because of that. =)

Nice photos. =)


YTSL said...

Hi "just me" --

Aquariums aren't usually my thing but two that I have been to and think are wonderful are the Osaka Aquarium and the one in Baltimore that previously was the biggest and best that I had been to. :)