Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Octopi in Osaka

An Osaka favorite -- takoyaki (octopus balls),
made from bits of octopus together with batter, etc.

A giant octopus, complete with
takoyaki improbably affixed to one tentacle,
spied on Dotonbori!

I've just returned from my favorite eatery in Hong Kong -- not one serving Chinese food but, instead, a yakitori joint where I treat myself to sticks of tasty eats (including quails eggs, squares of tofu, portions of pork's neck, pumpkin, and asparagus wrapped in bacon along with a variety of different chicken parts) that go very well with some hot sake. So hot on one more experience which reminds me once again how much I love Japanese food, here's posting up another Japanese food-related blog entry: one which while not quite the Osaka Aquarium specimen and Dotonburi eats pairing I had threatened a couple of days back, still makes for an interesting photographic pairing! ;b


Willow said...

Hi Y:
Yakitori is fun to eat. Slide a bit off the skewer - try not to let it drop.

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

No worries, yakitori's far easier to eat than takoyaki. (Re the latter: Wow, their insides can be really hot!)

sarah bailey knight said...


Takoyaki is so yummy!!

I'm so jealous, you have a local Yakitori eatery!!! It's also yummy and has introduced me to many foods I wouldn't normally eat.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Next time you're in Hong Kong, I'll bring you to that local yakitori eatery. It's a great place -- feels quite Japanese -- so much so that I like to linger there over a bottle of sake. And the food... :b