Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sapporo by day and night

Summer is not the season that most people would choose to visit Sapporo. After doing so for a few days in late May, I would have to concur with the majority opinion -- not because this means one missing out on attending the Sapporo Snow Festival but, rather, because, like with Hong Kong, summer seems to be the wettest time of the year there. (And although I learnt to ignore rain more towards the end of my Japan trip, that wasn't the case in Sapporo. Hence Hokkaido's largest city getting short shrift as far as my photographing tendencies were concerned.)

Something else I'd recommend is that people don't spend a Monday in Sapporo since that is the day of the week that many of its attractions -- including the Historic Village of Hokkaido, the Ainu Museum and University's Botanical Gardens -- are closed to the public... Despite my doing so (and in a summer month to boot), this is not to say that I didn't manage to have a good time in that northern Japanese locale. And I hope that the following all too few pictures manage to give visitors to this blog a sense of that:-

The Sapporo Beer Museum --
one attraction that's open every day of the week!

Inside the beer museum -- decorative metal work,
including a large vat that's no longer in use

I wonder how many people took to
eating the hops before they installed those signs... ;b

Stained glass window that's one of many unlikely
beer-themed items -- including beer-flavored ice-cream
and chocolates with liquid beer centres! --
on view at the Sapporo Beer Museum

Sights like this got me realizing that
the Japanese are really into owls as well as
confirmed their liking of that which is kawaii ;)

Susukino -- where neon but also eateries,
brothels (or 'soapland's as they're called in Japan),
bars and beer abound

Obligatory food photo --
this of the tasty ikura, uni and mushroom bento
I ate on the plane flight out of Sapporo/Chitose
enroute to Kansai International Airport and Osaka

So... still hungry for some more after? I sure do hope so! :b


Anonymous said...

Wow, that Sapporo Beer museum does not look Japanese to me.

The bento sure does, though. It looks yummy. You got that on a plane? Wow. (American carriers don't compete in the food department. If you get food at all, it's either pre-packaged, or just far from appetizing.)

And those owls are indeed kawaii!

Glenn, kenixfan said...

You know I assumed that your pictures of food were like stock photos or something.

You could have a second career in food photography I think.

(It probably helps that in Japan, presentation is important, eh?)

sarah bailey knight said...


Looks like you enjoyed yourself at the Beer Museum. Fun stained glass subject.

I agree with glenn you could have a second career in food photos. Your photos make the food look so enticing. Any tips for taking good food photos? Or photos of good food?

Hope you have more photos of your trip to Japan.

eliza bennet said...

I like to see pics of food anytime, anywhere and the Sapporo pics are lovely - keep them coming YTSL!!

I don't know if it is allowed here but you guys should also try


for great food porn.

YTSL said...

Hi Alejna --

Teeheehee re your Sapporo Beer Museum comment. From what I've given to understand, the Sapporo Breweries were established by foreigners (I'm thinking Germans, like with Tsingtao) and for the first few years of its existence, it only brewed beer for foreigners in Japan since the Japanese wouldn't touch the stuff. How things have changed! ;D

Re the bento: Actually, I got it at the airport to eat on the plane as, what with it being a fairly short plane ride, I figured correctly that we wouldn't be served anything to eat.

And BTW, glad you do think those sculptures are of owls too... ;b

Hi Glenn --

If you see the "YTSL's photos" tag/label on an entry, then you can be assured that those photos were taken by me... And thanks but I think not re a second career in food photography: For one thing, I have a tendency to get so excited around certain foods that my hands shake -- cf the photo of the fugu sashimi! ;(

Hi sbk --

The part I enjoyed the most at the beer museum was at the end when you got to sample some draft beers at 200 Yen a glass. Tried a couple... and THEN went to the biergarten for the Genghis Khan and the large(r) mug of beer! :o

Re food photo taking: Believe it or not, my Panasonic DMC TZ2 actually has a "food" setting and think it helps for me to use it when taking food photos. Does at least one of your cameras have a "food" setting too?

And oh my yes re my having more photos from my recent Japan trip -- in particular, must admit to going really snap-happy at Himeji Castle... :b

Hi "eliza bennet" --

Glad you (and the other commenters) have been enjoying my photos and you (guys) are indeed encouraging me to post more of them.

As for your posting information re other websites: You're allowed since I know you're not doing it for commercial reasons... :)