Saturday, June 21, 2008

Water (This week's Photo Hunt theme)

After a few weeks where I had to scramble about for appropriate photos for the tnchick-led Photo Hunt, here comes one for which I have plenty of pictures to choose from! Indeed, I have so many photos of water -- like I have so many photos taken while out hiking in Hong Kong that I've yet to put up -- that I had to narrow things down and did so by deciding to put up just this trio of shots in which water prominently figure in the picture, all of which were taken during each my three most recent Hong Kong hikes (all undertaken within the last two months).

For those who are not content to just admire the visuals and, instead, want to know what areas of Hong Kong the hikes took place and what you're seeing in the pictures, what's shown in the pictures (from top down) are:-

i) One of the 10 or so streams that the Lung Mun (Dragon Gate) Country Trail -- that goes through Tai Mo Shan and Shing Mun Country Parks, and which a couple of friends and I followed last Sunday -- passes over (as in this case) or through (as in others!) ;

ii) One of the scenic views -- this of a southeastern portion of Hong Kong Island -- that one is privy to when hiking on the Pottinger Peak Country Trail; and

iii) View looking out from Tung Lung Chau (East Dragon Island) looking north up to Clear Water Bay, the Clear Water Bay Peninsula and the New Territories beyond.

(And for those who haven't realized it yet: Yes, Hong Kong really does have its share of natural areas and beauty spots! :b )


JC said...

Very nice! I especially like the first one... the flow, the action... great shots!

mistyeiz said...

agree with jc! :)

eastcoastlife said...

Can't imagine, such a densely populated island still has such nice places. hehe....

Patricia said...

Gorgeous views.

Thanks for stopping by the creek. Pollywog Creek is indeed the name of a small body of water which flows into the Caloosahatchee River and forms one of the borders of our acreage here. It is such a quaint name (I think) that I use it for my blog.

Snap Catch said...

great catch for this week theme! mine’s up too hope you can drop by… Happy weekend!

Gattina said...

According to your pictures it must be a beautiful place !!

Carver said...

Great post and shots for the water theme. Happy weekend.

jmb said...

I always think of Hong Kong as just one mass of hurrying people but you have showed me that there is so much more than that. Great photos YTSL, have a great weekend.

Smalltown RN said...

Those are great photos...I know what you's hard to chose photos for this week..but I think you did a great job...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful again! I'm beginning to realise that Hong Kong has all sorts to offer, over and above skyscrapers:) I'd love to put my feet into that first stream right now!

jams o donnell said...

Great photos. I love the scenery. Have a great weekend

Dragonstar said...

Beautiful shots. You do live in a lovely part of the world.
As others have said, the one that calls out to me most is the first one - you can really see the power of the water.

YTSL said...

Hi JC --

Coming from you (who are such a wond, those are real compliments. So thanks much! :)

Hi mistyeiz --

Thanks to you too! :)

Hi eastcoastlife --

Hmmm...but that's the thing: Hong Kong actually is more than just Hong Kong Island -- which itself has not so densely populated along with densely populated parts!

Hi Patricia --

Thanks for the compliment, and satisfying my curiosity re Pollywog Creek's name! :)

Hi Snap Catch --

Yep, did drop by... :b

Hi Gattina --

It really is... especially on the days when air pollution's minimal. ;S

Hi Carver --

Happy weekend to you too. :)

Hi jmb --

Hong Kong's got its mass of hurrying people -- and I'm regularly one of them on my commutes. But come the weekend, I often do like to go to places that are less crowded... :)

Hi smalltown RN --

Thanks, and yeah, it seems that many of us have plenty of water photos to choose from and share. :)

Hi a. --

Yes, yes, yes, re Hong Kong having far more than just skyscrapers.

As for putting your feet into that stream: Didn't with that one as the water really was rushing by very rapidly. But had to walk through a few others, shoes, socks and all, on the hike! ;S

Hi jams o donnell --

Glad you like and happy weekend to you too.

Hi dragonstar --

Yes, the first picture does indeed seem to be the favorite so far! :)

Sabine said...

Another corner of the world I'll never get to see *sigh*
Beautiful pictures - oh, and I can relate to the pain of narrowing it down to just three LOL!
Thanks for visiting me, and your nice words about my blog! :)

pelfy said...

Hi, I am back!! LOL (=

Love your first shot most. *teeheehee*

YTSL said...

Hi Sabine --

Never is a long time! Hope you'll make it over here at some point... and you're welcome re saying nice things about your blog! :)

Hi Pelfy --

Welcome back! :)

2lives said...

it must have nice hiking in these areas though I wonder if the pollution is bad - looks kind of misty - the last two shots

thanks for your vist


YTSL said...

Hi Lissa --

The bottom shot was taken on a regular (i.e., polluted air) day in Hong Kong. The centre shot was actually taken on one of the clearest air days that I've been out hiking, one where I got to see much further than in quite a while -- but, yeah, even then... :S