Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tap Mun, Part II (Photo-essay)

Five blog entries back and more than a week ago, I put up my first Tap Mun photo-essay which presented snap shots of the more built-up -- yes, really! -- south-western side of the island (along with one of Wong Shek Pier). This time around though, the focus is on sharing views of the less built-up eastern section of this piece of Hong Kong that's further from the madding crowd than most (and where there are far more cows than human inhabitants!) -- that is, after I start where we left off the last time around: with a couple more pictures of the island's picturesque Tin Hau Temple... :)

Grand-looking decorated red banners
inside the temple
got me thinking that even while
it had seemed deserted
when my friend and I visited,
it actually
hasn't been permanently abandoned after all

The sides of the steps leading up to the temple entrance
got me thinking of waves and the surrounding sea
from which the islanders
traditionally derived
much of their food and livelihood

Speaking of the sea:
it may look calm enough in this picture
taking in the inhabited southwest of the island...

...but over on the uninhabited eastern side,
it literally is a different picture!

Panoramic view of Tap Mun Chau's rocky eastern side

Close up of a particular rock formation
known -- logically enough! -- as Balanced Rock

Still, lest it be thought that the eastern portion
of Tap Mun is all rocky and stoney...

Confirmation courtesy of permanent benches
supplied by the local authorities that there are
wonderful views to be had in this part of Hong Kong... ;b


Anonymous said...

I still remember that day was so cold!And we had a delicious seafood in the Sai Kung market!

YTSL said...

Hi Sophia --

As I remember it, the day was windy but it was only on the boat ride back that we really got cold! And yes, yum, yum re that delicious seafood meal in Sai Kung. :)

Willow said...

Do you know...
in the States, you'd find a trash receptacle in very close proximity to any bench? Most likely right beside the bench. How would you like sitting next to a stinky trash can while enjoying the view? haha. Not too well. Well, the trash bins are usually well-maintained and emptied so there's no odor. ;D

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

I didn't know. Or, at least, had not noticed! :DDDDDD