Thursday, February 18, 2021

Who'd want to be in Jimmy Lai's shoes, and be Carrie Lai, period?

How long more will Apple Daily be a part of the 
Hong Kong (media) scene?
I fear that soon, this pro-democracy newspaper will be 
no more (and not because it's sold out either) :(

Add to this the not insignificant matter of the self-made billionaire already having spent quite a bit of time behind bars despite not actually having been found guilty (thus far) of any crimes for which he has been charged and his situation really does feel particularly unfair.  Speaking of which: he was denied bail once again today for his first national security law charge; with one lawyer on Twitter speaking for many with his statement that "If Jimmy Lai can't satisfy an NSL judge to grant bail, then nobody ever will. Simple as that."

The long-time pro-democracy advocate is on the record as stating that: "Even with handcuffs, I feel at peace" and that he is willing to sacrifice for Hong Kong.  Hailing originally from Mainland China, Jimmy Lai undoubtedly knew the kind and amount of pressure and oppression the authorities can exert on an individual.  Even so, knowing is one thing and experiencing another -- and watching it all happen to a loved one is something else altogether.  There are reports that his family and friends burst into tears as he signalled his love for them as he was escorted out of court this afternoon.  Who can blame them for being upset by the injustice along with his sacrifice?  

She undoubtedly stated this to try to boost public confidence in the Mainland Chinese vaccine whose efficacy stats have left some people doubting whether it's worth taking.  Here's the thing though: she really ought to boost public confidence in her first!  We are talking, after all, about Hong Kong's most unpopular Chief Executive ever by a long chalk: whose current "no confidence" rating stands at 70% and net approval at -52%!  (Note: I'm not insulting her -- something the government is reportedly seeking to make illegal! -- here; merely stating the facts!)       

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