Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Sunny, super high visibility, summer views from the Star Ferry (Photo-essay)

One year ago today, I found out through experience what tear gas smells like.  In the past year, I've been tear gassed so many times that I've actually lost count of how many times I've been treated to a tear gas buffet by the Hong Kong police (though I definitely do remember being tear gassed last Christmas Eve and that my worst tear gas experience took place last September).  And although there's not been as much tear gas having been unleashed in Hong Kong thus far in 2020 as in the second half of 2019, that doesn't mean that much of this year has not been a nightmare one in this part of the world (thanks in no large part to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic but also China deciding to impose a custom security law for Hong Kong).        

Because I've had so much else to be upset about, I've not griped much about how very hot much of this summer has been -- with last month turning out to have been Hong Kong's hottest July on record (with a mean daily air temperature of 33.3 degrees Celsius -- 1.9 degrees more than normal)!  Instead, I've tried to look at the bright side of the weather we've been having, which has included 37.7 more hours of sunshine in July than usual as well as super high visibility days along with lots of beautiful sunsets.  

And because so much of social media, along with international news coverage, has been focused on the terrible explosion(s) that have destroyed and damaged a good part of Beirut (a city already troubled by so much, including the coronavirus; with this Tweet made just hours before the latest disaster beset the city is even more heartbreaking to read now), I'm going to share some photos -- taken on rides on the Star Ferry in recent weeks -- of this part of the world that hopefully will put one in a more positive frame of mind.  For, yes, things can get so much worse in the blink of an eye but, surely, our situations can get better than how they currently are.  Also, amidst it all, let's remember that the fact that we are alive, still healthy (touch wood!), able to appreciate beauty and live to fight another day can in and of themselves be worth being thankful for...

Among the bluest I've ever seen the sky over Hong Kong
and waters of Victoria Harbour!
View over to the Lion Rock from a Star Ferry 
making its way across the harbor

Speaking of the Star Ferry, here's one of its boats whose very sight 
can bring to mind many happy memories for many of us
A rare photo by me that shows passengers on the Star Ferry (as I usually 
prefer to take seats with unimpeded views of the passing scenery)!
Sunny day view from on board the currently untouristy feeling boat
 This past July may well have been the first time that I've seen 

Alternatively, it's become pretty usual to see the 
Kai Tak Cruise Terminal with no cruise ships docked there :S

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