Saturday, September 2, 2017

A hike along the Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail that continued over to Luk Keng (Photo-essay)

I have hiked with a friend who gets so wildly and openly enthusiastic about such as the spotting of cool critters or coming across a view bonanza (or two) that, if you didn't know better, you'd think that he was faking his reactions.  I also have a friend who I really can't tell if she's enjoyed a hike until, at the end of it, she asks me: "Where are we going for our next hike?"  Whereupon I realize that she did indeed enjoy our outing and would like to go hiking with me again, and in the near future too!

While the initial pull uphill from Tai Mei Tuk can test some more than they'd like, the sights along the Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail have entranced pretty much everyone I've taken along it.  Still, I wasn't certain we were onto a winner here with my let's-call-her-understated(!) friend until we reached a junction where we had an option to continue hiking over to Luk Keng or end earlier near Bride's Pool.  But when she indicated her preference for us to go on hiking some more rather than wrap things up soon, I happily took it as a sign that she was enjoying our northern New Territories excursion so much she was happy for the experience to extend it for another hour or so! ;b

The memorial pavilion which, among other things, serves 
as a reminder that not all Hong Kong hikes are a breeze 

 The nearby viewing point offers up one solid reason why 
many people think it's totally worth it to hike in Hong Kong 

...and this even though so much of 
Hong Kong's hiking trails involve uphill treks

I'll readily admit that there's one uphill trek I've yet to attempt! ;b

There used to be a house here, 
even a whole village -- but not anymore

Ruined structures lie on either side of the old boulder trails laid out 
by local villagers that connected them to other villages in the area

Cut or burrow through all this overgrowth and
I'm sure you'll come across more abandoned villages

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