Friday, May 12, 2017

Health is important, and exercise is good!

Totally agree with what's printed on the bag!

A man who believes in exercise, and probably also 
would second the sentiment that "health is important" 

Back when I was living in Philadelphia, I knew a woman who took pride in sleeping only three or four hours a night a la Margaret Thatcher.  After I learnt that she had suffered a nervous breakdown, I got to strongly suspecting that that lack of nightly sleep probably contributed to the weakening of her psychological state to such as an extent that she hallucinated that one of her employees was going to break into her apartment to try to kill her.

In a similar vein: when I read a couple of days ago that Donald Trump thinks that exercise is bad, and may even kill, I got to thinking that this might help explain his possessing what appears to be an unbalanced state of mind as well as pretty poor judgement and suspect intelligence.  And this all the more so since, unlike a couple of friends who claim to not exercise but at least actually regularly walk around a bit (at the very least), I think that the orange wigged one was actually serious in stating his negative views about exercise!

While I'd not say that I'm a fitness freak, I've pretty much always enjoyed playing sports from young.  Over the years, I've tried my hand at a variety of them (including badminton, tennis, squash, netball, handball, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, lacrosse and soccer).  And while I haven't played the majority of those sports in years, I've become quite the avid hiker since moving to Hong Kong and have also taken to going bicycling every once in a while too.  And then there's the fact of my going about on foot -- not just taking public transportation -- quite a bit here in the urban areas of Big Lychee too.

Every once in a while when out hiking, the friend(s) I'm with and I will spot some senior citizens along the trail.  A lot of them seem pretty fit, and also pretty happy; and the sight of them often cause my friend(s) and I to sigh and hope aloud that when we get to that age, we'd be as healthy as those inspiring individuals.

Similarly, almost every time that my mother is in town, we'll see some hale and hearty senior citizen strolling briskly about or out exercising in a park or such like, making use of the exercise equipment found in those public spaces, doing tai chi or something else altogether -- and feel inspired by those folks.  Those spry fellows may not hold high positions like that of President of the United States of America -- but I wouldn't be surprised if they're not only physically healthier but also quite a bit wiser than that office's present incumbent!


sarah sbk said...

Hi Ytsl,

Yes indeed! Love the outdoor exercise equipment!

YTSL said...

Hi sarah sbk --

As a fellow Funassyi fan: you should keep a look out for the video clip where the Pear swings around on an outdoor exercise equipment while on a visit to Macau... ;b

YTSL said...

Hi again sarah sbk (and any interested others) --

The video clip I previously mentioned:-

And if you're wondering, the Pear is in a traditional Macau dress... ;)