Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stuck and Sports (This week's Photo Hunt themes)

Two weeks ago today, I was in Japan enjoying the first full day of a week long vacation. And after a delicious sushi breakfast at Tsukiji Market, I headed to Shibamata, an atmospheric neighborhood out in northeastern Tokyo famous for being the home of Tora-san, the comic anti-hero protagonist of the great Yoji Yamada's 48 film Otoko wa Tsurai yo (It's Tough Being a Man) series.

My main purpose for going there was so that I could ride on Yagiri-no-watashi, Tokyo's single remaining man-powered ferry boat. On the walk to the side of the Edogawa (i.e., Edo river) to get on the ferry, I came across a lovely area dedicated to sports and leisure -- with plenty of cyclists about, and schoolboys out practicing and playing baseball. (And on another movie note: I agree with otaku Danny Choo that the fields by the river bring to mind ones you see in anime -- like The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. :b)

The scenes at the riverside was so lovely that I had to pause to drink in the sights (and snap a few shots).  Although it was pretty hot out, I was happy to be outdoors because the sky was so blue and filled with largely white clouds.  

Mind you, the temperatures were so high (around the 33 degrees Celsius mark) that afternoon that I wouldn't have wanted to be doing any seriously active sports in shade-less areas.  Still, I can imagine how thankful many people (not just me) were that they weren't stuck at work that day -- for since it was a Saturday, the majority of Tokyoites were enjoying some leisure time of their own and also spared their usual work commute. 

(For contrast, I've included a weekday snap of commuters at Shinjuku Station in this entry for Sandi's and Gattina's Photo Hunts!  And while they are remarkably disciplined as well directed in terms of their movements and paths, I do have to say that part of me still had a fear of getting stuck in a place which would see me (accidentally) trampled by that large crowd!! ;b)


Vicki said...

I am please you were not stuck at work and was able to have an enjoyable time

I have answered your comment on my Stuck entry explaining why Australia has its share of floods and droughts

My stuck is at

magiceye said...

Lovely takes on the themes!

EastCoastLife said...

Fortunately you returned to Hong Kong in one piece. :)

Seeing the number of commuters in the picture, I won't want to be stuck in that crowd too.

Hi, how is the protest of the students and HK residents on the NE topic today? Probably you want to do a post on that so I can have an insight of it and your thoughts.

Mar said...

It looks like a wonderful place for a bike ride...but not when it's 33ºC outside!! Enjoy your weekend.

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Gattina said...

Yes ! cycling that's also a sport. Last time I sat on a bike must be 25 years ago, lol !

YTSL said...

Hi Vicki --

Me too re my being happy to not be stuck at work that Saturday. :)

Hi magiceye --


Hi EastCoastLife --

Hehehe... and I didn't notice any earthquakes/tremors this time around either -- even though I went to a volcanic area during my trip!

Re the national education topic: I'll leave comments on those who are more directly affected by -- and have greater knowledge of -- the whole affair. However I will say that there really does seem to be a major disconnect between the Hong Kong government and people as well as Mainland Chinese government and Hong Kong people these days... :S

Hi Mar --

33 degrees Celsius temperatures really are not ideal but, well, you deal with it as best you can when you get a lot of that!

Hi Gattina --

It's been on a while since I went biking too! Am trusting that I still remember how to ride bicycles though. :)

Anonymous said...

That is an incredibly long line up - I would hate to be stuck in that!

Have a good weekend.

Sue St Clair said...

Great pics! I too have a fear of being trampled, but based on news reports and nothing I've witnessed first hand.

And you're welcome for the smiles :)

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Crowds like that would make me nervous... I'm afraid of being stuck!

Carver said...

Wonderful shots. I have trouble with crowds. By the way when I emailed to answer your question about Bull Durham, I failed to mention that the movie was about the Durham Bulls as well as being shot at their old ballpark. Although, they are a very different team now complete with a stadium that has sky boxes for part of the audience.

YTSL said...

Hi JDeQ --

That's actually not a long line -- or, at least, it's not a static one. The camera "froze" things but it actually was a moving crowd -- but ya, I think it shows how disciplined the pictured commuting crowd at Shinjuku Station was! :b

Hi Sue --

I went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in New York. The crowd there was really huge -- and at one point, I was afraid of being squashed to death against a wall! And ya, think if I had fallen, I might well have been trampled there! ;(

Hi Sandi --

Don't go to Shinjuku Station during (or close) to rush hour then! Ditto re Hong Kong's MTR trains and their stations during rush hour! ;b

Hi Carver --

Thanks for the details re the Durham Bulls vis a vis Bull Durham. Funny... I didn't get your e-mail! Hmmm... maybe it'll appear after some time... :S

Sreisaat said...

Yay, Tokyo!
I was also stuck in the train during the rush hours. I was a bit "shocked" and fully understood the meaning of "jampacked" while inside one in Shinjuku station. Lol. I wish I could go back to Japan - I had really great memories there.

Sreisaat Adventures: Photo Hunt: Stuck and Sports

'Tsuki said...

Nice catch on those bikes !

YTSL said...

Hi Sreisaat --

I made a point to travel before or after the peak rush hour whenever I'm on holiday somewhere. But the non peak rush hour traffic in Shinjuku is still plenty impressive!

And ya re Japan: I think it's an absolutely fantastic place to vacation. Part of me thinks I should go and check out the rest of the world again but another part of me would love to go back to Japan for my next vacation!

Hi 'Tsuki --

Thanks! :)


I enjoyed your 'take' on the theme this week. And bike riding is so least it CAN be.

YTSL said...

Hi Hootin Anni --

Am happy with your enjoyment. :)

Suzy said...

Nice take on both themes.
My photohunt post

YTSL said...

Hi Suzy --

Thanks for stating so. :)