Friday, February 19, 2010


Hello Kitty -- and winter -- in Hong Kong

A few months ago, the columns in a much traversed section of Hong Kong's Admiralty MTR station were plastered with graphics of Hello Kitty, Japan's Tourism Ambassador to China and Hong Kong, having winter fun that were meant to attract visitors to the Land of the Rising Sun as part of its Yokoso Japan campaign. But even while I couldn't help but stop short and ooh and aah at the kawaii sight of it all, the truth of the matter is that those ads didn't do much in terms of getting me to want to visit Japan in winter.

This is because, having spent my college years in Wisconsin (AKA the Siberia of America -- where, it is said, winter comes with the Halloween ghost and leaves with the Easter Bunny!), I feel like I've seen more than my fair share of snow (and know that it doesn't always look as pretty as this even while always feeling pretty cold). Heck, right now, even snow-less Hong Kong -- which is currently going through a cold spell (during which the cold weather warning has been in effect) -- can feel too cold for my liking!

Adding to the miserableness of it all is that I've come down with a bad case of the flu. And while it's true enough that viruses -- not the cold per se -- cause colds and flu, it also has been proven that cold weather really does spread the flu... So keep warm and stay healthy, people! (And in the "thank goodness for small mercies" department: I went and checked with the doctor -- and at least I've got regular, not swine, flu!)


sbk said...

hi ytsl,

Just checked the temp in Hong Kong. 12 degrees C (53.6 F)! Hehe...If it were that warm here in Vermont we'd be getting out our short sleeved shirts and summer clothes. I thought today's temp was warmish here and it's 0 degrees C (32F)!

Yeah Hello Kitty. Do you think she goes skiing or snowboarding? Or sits in the Lodge with a warm drink waiting for her friends....

sbk said...

hi again ytsl,

What's the Chinese equivalent for the chicken soup for colds remedy? I hope you feel better soon.

Glenn, kenixfan said...

Get well soon!

You could go get antibiotics from one of those dispensaries like I did, sans prescription each time, I might add!

Anonymous said...

YTSL, hope you get well soon (and hope it gets warmer by the time I arrive next weekend!). :D

And Glenn, how many times do I have to tell you that antibiotics are for bacterial infections and not viral infections like the flu. Sorry! I'm just trying to save your immune system from improper self-medicating. ;)

Brian said...

Best thing for the flu? Stay in bed, under the covers and have a Brigitte Lin Marathon! Hope you feel better.

Buma said...

i second the brigitte lin marathon

Glenn, kenixfan said...

Yes Dave, you are right. The nurses at my work tell me the same thing.

I was a bit scared and not quite sure what I had.

You are going to post pics from your trip right?

After my April journey, you'll still be 5 (?) trips ahead of me...LOL!

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

12 degrees Celsius is cold if indoors is that temperature! (Remember that most Hong Kong buildings don't have heating!!!)

Re Hello Kitty: I've seen her posed like she's snowboarding but get the feeling that she's secretly happier sitting in the lodge with a warm drink AND surrounded by friends... ;)

And re the Chinese equivalent of chicken soup: Not chicken per se but 24 herbs tea maybe? :b

Hi Glenn --

Duriandave beat me to the retort: Antibiotics should not be taken for flus or colds!!!

Hi duriandave --

Yes, it's supposed to warm up considerably over next week. Let's hope it doesn't rain. It's been WET as well as cold here over the past couple of weeks or so -- quite yuckie, actually!

Hi Brian (and buma) --

Staying in bed under the covers is exactly what I feel like doing during this bout of flu. But am feeling so bad I don't even feel in the mood for ANY movie... :(

Carver said...

I'm so sorry you've had the flu. I hope you are feeling better.

ewaffle said...

Even if you are too ill for a Brigitte Lin Marathon, staying in bed, drinking fluids and all that is the only thing to do.

If you drink alcohol a very drop of brandy (medicinal purposes only) in your tea might also help.

YTSL said...

Hi Carver --

I still have the flu but *touch wood* I do think I'm getting better. Thanks for the good wishes! :)

Hi ewaffle --

Am definitely doing a lot of the staying in bed (and reading and resting) and drinking fluids thangs. Re alcohol: yes, I drink, but I think I'll only do so after I feel okay again! :)