Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Article links from a movie-heavy issue of bc

A disarmingly open and polite young man
who I've now interviewed
twice over the space of just two months!

Tomorrow, another issue of bc magazine will hit the streets of Hong Kong. The following are links to some of the pieces in it that I wrote:-

i) Dragon Flames -- a feature article about the fire dragon of Tai Hang;

ii) The Son Also Rises -- an interview with Jaycee Chan about The Sun Also Rises (in which he stars along with Zhou Yun, Anthony Wong Chau-San, director Jiang Wen, Joan Chen and Kong Wei);

iii) The Sun Also Rises -- a review of Jiang Wen's third directorial effort;

iv) Forever Lucnica -- an arts article about the Slovak National Folklore Ballet troupe that will be coming to Hong Kong to perform Forever Young;

v) Exodus -- a review of director Pang Ho-Chueng's latest;

vi) Naraka 19 -- a review of the Carol Lai film which stars my favorite TWIN, Gillian Chung;

vii) Contract Lover -- a review of the comedy that's made me a fan (no pun intended!) of Fan Bingbing; and

viii) Editor's Diary -- lest people still need proof that Hong Kong is not a cultural desert...! ;b

Enjoy? I do hope so! :)


Willow said...

Your positive (or non-negative) reviews have made these films more interesting to me. I've always had an interest in Jiang Wen's work especially how he seems to be involved in the better (less frivolous) films.

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

Am glad that my reviews have got you interested in this diverse batch of films. :)

Anonymous said...

True enough, a focus on the more positive aspects would no doubt direct one to an interest in any movie. On the other hand, in some cases a (no doubt not unwarranted) trashing like, for instance, this can in some cases elicit a somewhat twisted response, in the sense of "I just have to see exactly how BAD it is", especially when it's discovered in the bargain bin, of course ;). As it turned out in this particular case, the scenic views of Suzhou were a rewarding sight to behold, for instance, whatever one's take on the overall effect - it really depends on how you see it, I suppose.

- NK

YTSL said...

Hi NK --

Know what you mean about sometimes being curious as to how a movie can be as baaaad as someone -- particularly someone whose opinions you usually trust -- thinks. (A good case in point: Brian's thoroughly negative review of HOOKER'S WORLD on compelled me to watch that movie!)

OTOH, I often think that there's so much negativity in this world/print/on the internet, etc. that I don't really want to add to it unless I feel that it is truly necessary and/or warranted... ;S