Saturday, September 8, 2007

Music (This week's Photo Hunt theme)

Last Saturday, I went to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre over in Tsim Sha Tsui to attend a performance of David Harrower's Blackbird (a Theatre du Pif production which I previewed here). As I entered the building -- which is not the greatest to look at on the outside but more than makes up for this with the great facilities and quality shows that are to be had inside of it -- I discovered that one of its many free performing arts events was taking place. So there and then, I got to snap shots which I think you will agree are ideal to display for this week's music-themed Photo Hunt!

For the record, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre regularly plays host to a Saturday Arts Delights programme. And what you're looking at in the photos is the Hong Kong Youth Music Orchestra entertaining a large and appreciative crowd with some Chinese orchestral music in the foyer area of this public facility. (Also, yes, like many others of my fellow Photo Hunters, I wish you could have heard the exquisite music whose musicians and (part of the) audience I managed to capture in my photos but not the sounds and tunes themselves... ;S)


Indiana Amy said...

Wow! What great pictures! You gotta love the symphony.

Happy hunting!

Mine's up, stop by for a visit!

Sabine said...

Those are great photos, yes, ideal for the theme! Especially love the second one. Beautiful!

lissa said...

You always sound so cultured. These are great choices for Photohunt.

My's up at: suzanne vega


Dragonheart said...

It looks like an amazing venue. How cool that they host free events there!

My Music Photo Hunt.

YTSL said...

Hi Indiana Amy --

Thanks for the compliments and yes, I did go and visit your blog! :)

Hi Sabine --

Am glad you like the 2nd photo. Also, now I'm glad that I did put it up. (Was wondering whether one photo would be enough for this week's Photo Hunt entry...) :)

Hi Lissa --

*Blush* *blush!* Also, I wonder whether you'd laugh (knowingly) if I told you that one reason why I posted this Photo Hunt entry later than usual is because I went off to catch a performance of the EXCELLENT "Angel Falls" over at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts earlier this evening. ;b

Hi dragonheart --

Yes, I think that HK Cultural Centre's an amazing venue. Have enjoyed my visits to it (for film screenings, plays and one -- no, I'm not kidding! -- acrobatic ballet performance) very much. :)

tegdirb92 said...

beautiful shots!!

SabineM said...

Nice shots and it looks like an amazing venue! The sound must be great!

mar said...

Stunning pictures, it sounds like a fine evening!

YTSL said...

Hi tegdirb92 --


Hi sabinem --

Yes, agree that it's an amazing venue -- and remember, that's just the foyer and surrounding area that you're seeing in those photos! :)

Hi mar --

Actually, was at the HK Cultural Centre for an afternoon matinee. But this evening was great too (see my comments in response to Lissa)! :)

Joyce said...

wow great photos...great hunting

Nap Warden said...

Wow, those are some great shots!!

Joy said...

Nice shots!

Carver said...

Those are wonderful shots for the music theme.

jams o donnell said...

Wow what wonderful shots! Have a great weekend

jmb said...

What a wonderful theatre, inside, at least. We have a music theatre like that, ugly as sin on the outside but wonderful inside.
Thanks for visiting

ipanema said...

That's a great pillar in the foyer.

Oh, I was supposed to post Chinese traditional musical instruments which I photographed years ago. My CD-ROM wouldn't open/read.

My son plays the erhu. :)

meeyauw said...

That is an awesome view. that pillar/tower in the middle is huge. I see the spectators on balconies too, that is nice. said...

Really crowded there

Paulie said...

Very nice selections for this photo hunt!

Come and see mine.

-E said...

Wonderful photos. Happy Photo Hunt!

YTSL said...

Hi Joyce, Nap Warden, Joy, Carver, Jams O'Donnell and -E --

Thanks one and all! :)

Hi jmb --

Re the HK Cultural Centre: Yeah, am not sure how the architects could have come up with such a terrible exterior, including no/very few windows even though it's situated on the waterfront!

Hi ipanema --

"That's a great pillar in the foyer."

Isn't it just! And oh wow re your son being able to play the erhu! :)

Hi Meeyauw --

And yeah, it IS a pillar/column (rather than a tower). ;)

As for the spectators on the balconies: I was one on the top balcony as those of us there were waiting to be admitted to the theatre that was playing host to the play we had gone to the facility to see. :)

Hi yenjai --

Yes, indeedy re your "crowded" remark! ;b

Hi Paulie --

Actually, I think I visited your blog way before you came over to visit mine... ;b

Anonymous said...

Those are great photos and I bet the music was just as wonderful. And yes, I agree, they fit the theme perfectly. Have a good week.

YTSL said...

Hi "kissedalotoftoads" --

Thanks for your "votes" -- and I'm TRYING to have a good new week. Hope you are too. :)

A. said...

Ooooh, wonderful! The second shot gives a superb feeling of the size of the place. It's great that they have free performances, not so many places do.

leo86 said...

Y'know, when I did karaoke with some fellow Morning Musume fans last June, they used a cellphone to record picture and sound of me singing "Morning Coffee" and they posted it on the web. So the technology DOES exist to share actual music with us (readers who clamor to be listeners as well). ;P

(And, no, I'm NOT posting a link to that video of me singing.)

YTSL said...

Hi a. --

Yeah, Hong Kong's very good that way -- lots of free concerts and other events, nice public parks, subsidized stuff (so that, say, if you're a senior citizen, you get in half price for things like HK Sinfonietta concerts, HK Film Archive film screenings, etc.) It compensates for the small private spaces that people have due to the high price of land, rent, etc... ;S

Hi leo86 --

Know about the technology; just don't know how to post it -- and, also, my computer is on the relatively old and slow side (4 years and counting) and often, when I go to blogs with videos and audio stuff, it's slow loading. So don't want to inflict this on to others... ;S