Tuesday, April 8, 2014

From Discovery Bay to Mui Wo via the Trappist Haven Monastery once again! (Photo-essay)

Just a few weeks after I went on my second hike from Discovery Bay to Mui Wo via the Trappist Haven Monastery path (i.e., the hike with plenty of critter spottings), I hiked the same trail again -- this time with my visiting German friend and a local friend of hers.  While it'd not have been my choice of trail to go along that day, it proved to be a good choice by her friend -- because, once again, the excursion turned out to be a pleasant one that yielded many interesting sights.

Actually, so much do I like this particular trail that it's now one of those hikes that I want to go on each year -- though, to be honest, it's on the easier side for me these days, so it's earmarked now for hot summer days as well as ideal to take friends who are not regular hikers along! ;b

Early on in the hike, at Nim Shue Wan, we spotted 
volunteers engaged in beach clean up activities

 I've read that this junked jeep was one that used to belong 
to the Trappist Haven Monastery further up the hill!

The chapel at the Trappist Haven Monastery is a quiet place
-- but microphones located there look to indicate that it's a fallacy
that Trappist monks take a vow of silence! ;)

When walking beneath foliage, I like looking up
and seeing their beauty :)

One of my hiking companions that day -- 
check out his amazing calf muscles! ;b

Snake spotted -- and from the shape of its head,
you can tell that it's a poisonous one!!

The northern end of Silver Mine Bay Beach is on the
rocky side but still attracts some people 

Starting way after lunch and walking at a leisurely pace,
we timed things well so that we arrived in Mui Wo
while there still was light and in time for an early dinner :)


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

That Jeep or a small truck had been in used back in the 1980's when the monks were still running their dairy farm. That was probably being used to ferry milk containers/cases, cookies & eggs to the ferry pier.

I remember purchasing their cookies in a small shop in Peng Chau back then.


YTSL said...

Hi T --

The last time I went on that trail (yes, I went once more since I took those photos in this entry!), that jeep/truck was gone -- or at least, I didn't spot it. Amazing that it was there as long as it was!