Tuesday, June 18, 2013

From Chuen Lung to Shing Mun along the Lung Mun Country Trail (Photo-essay)

In the southern foothills of Tai Mo Shan, there lies a village famous for its dim sum restaurants.  I've been to Chuen Lung a couple of times for dim sum brunch.  But when three friends and I headed there one Sunday afternoon, it wasn't to eat but, instead, to begin a hike along the Lung Mun Country Trail that I had previously been on with two other friends one rainy afternoon.

This time around, conditions were considerably drier and made for a much more pleasant trek.  It was just as well as this turned out to be the real farewell hike with my erstwhile regular hiking companion -- ironically, in the company of my first good friend who left Hong Kong along with a third friend who, happily, has since become a permanent resident and remains here in the Big Lychee... 

Near the start of the hike, we were presented
with a number of optional destinations

Any which way, blue skies beckoned :)

We didn't forget to occasionally look down though -- 
and were rewarded with such as the spotting of 
this interesting critter! :b

A somewhat surreal sight out along the hiking trail
-- it seems that some bird lover takes his pet birds 
(complete with cages!) out for walks in the countryside! ;b

Bamboo growing wildly -- 
in more ways than one! :)

The rare horizontal landscape shot I took along the hike ;b

After arriving at Shing Mun Reservoir, we were still in 
a hiking mood, so strolled over to its Jubilee Dam
where at least one fellow was having fun kite flying

we also noticed that tortoises abound in the area! :)

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