Wednesday, June 12, 2013

From Siu Tan to Lai Chi Wo and out to Wu Kau Tang (Photo-essay)

Soon after I started hiking in Hong Kong, I read about Lai Chi Wo and aspired to visit there one day.  However, it wasn't until my 84th hike in the Big Lychee -- and yes, I do keep a hiking diary! -- that I made it out to the Hakka village located out in far northeastern Hong Kong that's famed to this day for its feng shui (alternatively spelt fung shui) woods

A little over one year later, I visited Lai Chi Wo again with three other friends.  But while I took a similar route to Lai Chi Wo on both hikes, this time, instead of heading back to civilization -- or at least, a place with access to public transportation in the form of a green minibus stop! -- via Kuk Po and Luk Keng, my friends and I headed back via A Ma Wat and Wu Kau Tang.  

One reason is because I didn't want to completely repeat a hike but another was that this second route was shorter and I hoped that we'd be able to complete the hike before the sun set.  But the hike had such interesting places that we couldn't help but explore a few abandoned houses and otherwise linger in some of the locations, including Lai Chi Wo itself.  So we did end up hiking the final section of the trail in the dark... Ah well, maybe the third time I visit Lai Chi Wo, it won't be the case! ;b

 Soon after passing Siu Tan, the trail heads to 
-- and skirts -- the coast

The Lai Chi Wo Nature Trail portion of the route has 
informative interpretive panels along it -- like with

Behind this shrine is a tree whose middle portion
looks to me like a sculpture of a kissing couple!

A banyan tree with another shrine in front of it
as well as lanterns hanging from it

 Most of the buildings in this centuries old village look 
dilapidated but there are a handful that look in 
better condition than the others -- and have electricity

Much of Lai Chi Wo has an abandoned air to it
-- but there also were signs about that 
some people return for Chinese New Year 

 A good way to get a sense of the size of the tree 
in the picture is, realize that my friend in
the same photo is around six feet five inches tall! ;b

I admit it -- I couldn't help pausing to take pictures
even as darkness beckoned! ;)


HKP said...

Nice pictures, and I'm impressed you got there by foot! For the less intrepid there's a tour boat that goes there from Ma Liu Shui Pier. Not as fulfilling as hiking in I'm sure, but it also visits Kat O and Ap Chau...

YTSL said...

Hi HKP --

It's a fairly long way to Lai Chi Wo by foot from either Wu Kau Tang or Luk Keng but the hike's not too difficult. You just have to budget at least half a day -- not least because there's so much interesting stuff to see along the way and at the village itself.

I checked out the tour boat option and ouch, it's too pricey for me -- especially when it's with a larger group than the small number of people I usually go hiking with!

sarah bailey knight said...

Very cool hike. Love the first picture, second picture...well all your photos.

YTSL said...

Hi sarah sbk --

Thanks for loving all my photos! :)