Tuesday, May 7, 2013

From Yung Shue O to hike's end at Sai Sha Road (Photo-essay)

So... Jacob's Ladder.  Or as a hiking buddy put it -- "more like Jacob's disabled access"!  After having put off hiking along this part of Hong Kong for ages (and thereby not having been able to enjoy the experience of hanging out for a time at lovely Cheung Sheung Plateau), finally descending along it was easy and pretty quickly done with!!

At Yung Shue O, we tried to find a non-paved trail that was clearly marked on the Sai Kung & Clear Water Bay countryside map but after looking in vain for some minutes, we gave up and followed the paved coastal path all the way to Sai Sha Road.  First though, we explored a section northwest of Yung Shue O -- and though we didn't go far along it that day, we saw enough to resolve to further check it out another day...

The village of Yung Shue O has some older buildings

...but also sections that look very much part 
of the contemporary world

Personally, it's location is too remote 
for me to want to live there but I also can 
understand its aesthetic lure for others :)
 A shady, green, paved path near the village
Mangroves in the vicinity of Yung Shue O
 As we walked west along the coast of Three Fathoms Cove
high rise buildings in the distance took on mirage-like appearances

Small fishing platforms dot the surface of

A sheltered as well as scenic section 
of Three Fathoms Cove near this hike's end :)


sarah bailey knight said...

hi ytsl,

This hike looks great. So many different things to see and your photos are so atmospheric.

YTSL said...

Hi sarah sbk --

It actually was a pretty good hike -- even with the anti-climactic Jacob's Ladder as part of it! ;b