Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Hello Kitty likes and dislikes

and have used at more than one Hong Kong beach since :)

A while back, a friend who occasionally reads my blog told me that I should write an entry about the Hello Kitty products I like/want and those that I don't.  It would help your friends to figure out what to buy for you (and what not to), she told me.  Since we were back on this subject at lunch today, I've decided to finally oblige her -- so that, if nothing else, she no longer will have an excuse for buying me the wrong Hello Kitty products!

First, what I like/love: wonderfully soft Hello Kitty plushies (and blankets and beach towels), and useful items like Hello Kitty handkerchiefs, and Hello Kitty clocks and watches.  Hello Kitty attired in overalls, shorts or trousers -- rather than skirts or dresses -- but I'm also okay with Hello Kitty dressed in ethnic garb such as kimonos and hanbok. Hello Kitty not dressed in pink and/or posed in front of a non-pink background.  (Those unfamiliar with Hello Kitty's design history should check out this video on Youtube to see that Hello Kitty really isn't always to be associated with the color pink!)

Conversely, I really dislike: Hello Kitty-shaped edibles -- because, come on, I don't want to eat her!  Also, items like Hello Kitty floor mats -- because, you know, I don't want to wipe my feet on her!! -- and Hello Kitty toilet paper and pantyliners -- and yes, I do find it absolutely horrifying that such items actually exist!!!

Additionally, since Eva Air relaunched their Hello Kitty-themed aeroplanes at the tail end of last year (and with one of the routes being between Hong Kong and Taipei), I've been asked by several people whether I'd fancy going on one of the Taiwanese airline's Hello Kitty Jet flights.  After some thought, I have decided that I actually wouldn't -- for a number of reasons.  

One reason is that I'm not sure I could prevent myself squealing out loud -- and frequently -- during the approximately two hour flight.  A related reason is that I'm not sure I could deal with the sound of multiple Hello Kitty fans squealing loudly over the course of the flight!  Also, have you seen the food served on board those flights?  For yep, you guessed it -- quite a few of the items that the passengers are expected to consume are Hello Kitty shaped!!! ;(


Trekcapri said...

Hola from Buenos Aires YTSL,

I love this post. Very funny and informative. :) I thought of you today when I saw a store with Hello Kitty products...I think you would have liked that store as there were no edible Hello Kitty food products or floor mats. There were these very cute notebook, pens . . .

Have a great weekend. I am missing my PH buddies.

YTSL said...

Hi Trekcapri --

Hola and hope you're having a great time in Argentina! And yes, am glad you've made time to check out my blog and am chuffed that you love this post. :)

sarah bailey knight said...

Hi ytsl,

Very fun post. Your enthusiasm for Hello Kitty is contagious as I now stop and look at Hello Kitty things when I see them and have even purchased a few.

Goodbye HK, Hello YVR said...

See! Isn't it good you've outlined it once and for all what you like/dislike in Hello Kitty products?!

Hope this post will spur more "intelligent" Hello Kitty purchases!

Photo Cache said...

I cannot believe they have TP and panty liners with HK in them. Although I'm sure they sell.

I remember I used to like Hello Kitty too, but there's one character that I really really like I believe his name is Tuxedo Sam, is he still appearing in Hello Kitty products?

I love the jewelries :) and bags.


baroness radon said...

I used to have the most beautiful Hello Kitty dinner plate; it had a black ground and colorful design. I used it to feed my cats. Regretably it shattered when I dropped a can of cat food on it. I've missed it since.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

You mean you got your Hello Kitty love from me?! :O

Woah if so -- especially as I've seen some of your Hello Kitty purchases (through photos on your blog, etc.) and you've definitely spotted and bought some cool items -- e.g., Ninja Hello Kitty! ;b

Hi "The Fragrant Harbour" --

The problem with "once and for all" is that there's so much more I could add to that post. E.g., sbk's comments got me realizing that I also like area-specific Hello Kitty items -- e.g., the Los Angeles-themed Hello Kitty souvenir you got me! ;b

Hi Photo Cache/Ewok --

Trust me, I've seen those. Honestly, I think that they must attract Hello Kitty haters more than fans!

Re Tuxedo Sam: oh yeah, he still appears on Sanrio products! I've bought a few Tuxedo Sams for a penguin loving friend in the past year or two, actually! :)

Hi baroness radon --

Oh dear re the fate of your Hello Kitty dinner plate! Hmmm, have you gone and looked for another? ;b