Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Along Stage 7 of the Wilson Trail (Photo-essay)

As regular visitors to this blog know, I like to hike in Hong Kong -- and so much so that, unlike many people who don't do so, will continue to hike in the hot and humid weather. Still, I do find myself looking forward to when the seasons change and the days get cooler and less humid -- so that on Sundays, I can go out longer and/or more challenging hikes than I would be comfortable with in the height of summer.

As an example: The Wilson Trail's Stage 7 may be officially rated as an easy walk and also actually be a fairly shady trail but my regular hiking companion and I opted to only go on the 10.2 kilometer hike from Shing Mun Reservoir to Yuen Tun Ha after summer had come to an end. Still, this is not to say that our outdoor excursion took place in the height of winter -- with the consequence that the welcome sights over the course of our hike included a good number of pretty flowers and beautiful butterflies as well as pleasant scenery, all of which we of course did take time and care to stop and admire, and photograph... ;)

Looking southeastwards from Shing Mun Reservoir
all the way to Lion Rock in the far distance

A melastoma in bloom adds color to the countryside

Funny but true: I didn't realize that there were
green flowers until after I started hiking in Hong Kong!

The bends and waters of Shing Mun Reservoir
make for pretty pictures to my mind

Two different but lovely butterflies spotted lying on
the ground along the hiking path (but very much alive)

Lead Mine Pass, where the Wilson and Maclehose Trails
intersect, is one of those places in Hong Kong
that only hikers ever go to (and pass through) :)

The path from Lead Mine Pass to Yuen Tun Ha
is largely downhill but on the steep side and
paved with rough stone, so one needs
to be careful when going along it

Before too long though, those going along this trail
will find themselves back in civilization -- with Tai Po
viewable even when one still is some distance away! :b

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