Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sai Kung's Tai Long Wan (photo-essay)

Close to the spot where I took the first photo in the following photo-essay, I heard a European visitor ask why there weren't more people at the beautiful beach that lay ahead. When told that many people thought it was too hot to go on such a long way to that location, he appeared flabbergasted.

Even while I could understand his local companion's point, I also could understand why the European found it hard to fathom -- this not least since, from his point of view, it seemed like perfect beach weather and the beach in question really is pretty scenic.

In any event, I'll let you be the judge and decide whether you think it worth going all the way from Sai Wan Pavilion to Tai Long Wan on a hike that also takes in a visit to more than one beautiful, uncrowded beach on the evidence of last week's photo-essay and also the following one:-

Ham Tin beach viewed from
a point along Maclehose Trail Stage 2

View of part of the hillside hiking path
between Sai Wan and Ham Tin beaches

At Ham Tin, a rickety bridge takes one across a stream
to two beach cafes serving basic food and ice cold drinks

The pineapple ice drink I had at one of the cafes
tasted heavenly that super hot afternoon --
and the view from my table wasn't half bad either!

Yes, this really is Hong Kong! :)

The water beckoned -- and it really was great
to wade about and cool my tootsies in it :b

View from the water's edge

On the way back: one last look at this remote,
close to paradisiacal part of Hong Kong


Diana said...

While admiring the pix I got distracted by your use of the word "tootsies." Gave me a warm fuzzy feeling for some reason. You never know how a blog post is going to affect someone, do you? :)

sarah bailey knight said...

Hi ytsl,

This is one of my favorite of your recent photo-essays. The photo of the pineapple drink looks so refreshing after/during a hike. The mix of nature and small town photos is fun.

YTSL said...

Hi Diana --

Nice to know that I gave you warm fuzzy feeling... even if inadvertently! :D

Hi sbk --

The pineapple drink was wonderful. It was so hot that day I was afraid I'd get heatstroke. So to find a cafe serving ice drinks at Ham Tin beach was so very welcome and fantastic. :)

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I like that rickety bridge, but just to see from you picture. I probably would be too scared esp if my husband jumps up and down.

YTSL said...

Hi Ann --

That rickety bridge is scarier than it looks -- and scarier when it's high tide than low tide. The thing actually is that the water there isn't that deep. It's just that, of course, one doesn't one to slip and fall when one has such as one's precious camera with one! ;b