Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hong Kong Trail Stage 7 (Photo-essay #2)

And so it goes... my chronicling via photo-essays of the hike I took along Hong Kong Trail Stage 7 that is! One of the easier stages of the eight-stage, 50-kilometer-long Hong Kong Trail which passes through five Hong Kong island country parks, this one stays for the most part on the border of Shek O Country Park which is much more famed for being home to the Dragon's Back trail that I had hiked a couple of times before I decided to walk this trail that actually ends close to where stage of the Hong Kong Trail that goes onto the Dragon's Back officially begins.

While definitely tamer, I hope that this and the previous photo-essay covering it does show that this hiking trail is not without its views, charms and attractions... even on a day that turned out to include some sprinkling of rain that made my hiking companion and I happy that we had actually thought to bring umbrellas along in our backpacks... ;b

Not one's typical image of Hong Kong dwellings
and the area surrounding them

Not much danger of flooding that winter's day...
but maybe a different matter during monsoon season?

The above photo doesn't do the real view
real justice but a glimpse through the camera
is better than nothing at all, right?

A Hong Kong Trail sign post along the way
doubles as a temporary post to hang one's backpack

while one pauses to rest for a bit

Although Hong Kong Trail Stage 7 doesn't officially lead down
to To Tei Wan beach (home of the
Hong Kong Hobie Club),
it's easy enough to temporarily divert there

Walking on the beach with umbrella in hand
and hiking gear on! ;D

Some of the dreaded 700+ steps that
one needs to ascend to get to hike's end

Several hundred steps up later, one feels that one
has gone some ways towards acquiring buns of steel
as well as (other) reward in the form of views like this one :)


Marta said...

Those stairs definitely look like tough to do especially at the end of the hike. But might be a good place to train for future adventures.

YTSL said...

Hi Marta --

To be honest, the bulk of this hike feels like such a stroll that the steps help to make it feel more like exercise and give one a sense of accomplishment upon completing one more stage of the Hong Kong Trail. :)