Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dragon's Back revisited (Photo-essay)

Back in the summer of 2008, less than 3 months after I first arrived in Hong Kong to work and live, two friends took me to hike along Hong Kong Island's fabled Dragon's Back. Alas, as I duly reported, the day we chose to do so was less than ideal -- due to the high air pollution and bright sunshine that managed to filter through causing some some burn on our delicate skin!

Consequently, I vowed to return to do the hike again -- but only on a more ideal day. And earlier this year, when such a day (cool but with clear and bright blue skies) presented itself, my regular hiking companion (the fuzzyflyingbunny) and I zoomed our sights on, and headed to, the trail head of the Stage 8 of the Hong Kong Trail (an 8.5 kilometer-long hike that includes the Dragon's Back) at To Tei Wan:-

Climb just a few meters up along Hong Kong Trail Stage 8
from the To Tei Wan bus stop on a clear day
you'll get treated to this scenic view of Tai Tam Harbour,
the Red Hill Peninsula and the surrounding area

An even more breathtaking view (this time of Shek O)
awaits when you get to the top of the ridge

The Dragon's Back Trail is so-called because it
goes up and down a series of hills that undulate

like how you'd imagine a dragon's back would do

A different view of the same trail

View of Shek O from further along on the same trail

Though the trail may look rugged, it's actually considered
tame enough
for mountain bikers to be allowed on it!

This sign (complete with a cute dragon icon) provides
positive proof that one's on the Dragon's Back
more specifically, on the 284 meter high Shek O Peak)

The photo-worthy view from Shek O Peak

To be continued... (and in the meantime, go here to appreciate the difference in air quality from when I hiked this same trail in 2008!)

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