Monday, January 3, 2011

Japanese culinary treats in Hong Kong

Wafer-thin slices of delicious Japanese beef
at Megan's Kitchen

Prime toro (fatty tuna belly) and uni (sea urchin)
at Sushi Kuu

What is a guaranteed way to make a Penangite happy? Speaking as a Penang-born person myself, my answer would be "Make sure they get to eat good food!" And that is precisely what I sought to ensure when my parents -- and a family friend -- recently visited Hong Kong.

All in all, I think I generally succeeded -- though there was one Kowloon City Chiu Chow meal at which my mother complained that Penang had better food of the same style. (The moral of the story: do not give Penangites food similar to that which they can find in their home state for, almost inevitably, the food in Penang will be considered better than that found elsewhere!)

And while Cantonese meals (including dim sum brunch at the Wan Chai branch of Victoria City Seafood Restaurant, roast goose at Yat Lok and claypot rice dinner at Four Seasons in Yau Ma Tei) were assuredly hits, the highlights of our recent culinary excursions definitely included two dinners that assuredly included Japanese elements.

To be sure, dinner at Megan's Kitchen actually was Hong Kong-style hot pot but the highlight ingredient for that evening's hot pot was most definitely the marbled slices of Japanese beef that were sliced so delicately tissue thin and seemed to melt in one's mouth. Alternatively, the decadent feast we had at Sushi Kuu was pretty much 100 percent Japanese in terms of presentation. Also, with fugu (puffer fish), ikura (salmon eggs), toro and uni among our ordered items, I think it could be said that our choices of ingredients were classically Japanese to boot! :b


Anonymous said...

I've been to Megan's kitchen twice now (for Saturday lunch) and both times we have been the only people there. In fact the first time we thought the place was closed!

The food is excellent though and well worth seeking out.


YTSL said...

Hi Phil --

Maybe Megan's Kitchen serves/is famed for the kind of food that is best eaten over a leisurely dinner rather than rushed lunch? For my part, could never imagine eating hot pot (which is what I had there) over dinner... :b

baroness radon said...

At first I thought the beef was pink mochi.

YTSL said...

Hi baroness radon --

Teehee... and trust me when I tell you that beef's far easier to chew and swallow than mochi. :b