Sunday, November 4, 2007

Two more MTR Hello Kitty Heroes! :)

Look away now, Hello Kittyphobes! ;b

They're baaaack! Or, more accurately: As of today, November 4th, there are two more additions to the MTR Hello Kitty Heroes Collection that was first launched back on July 16th. Like the other six MTR Hello Kittys that I was given by the good folks over at Muse's Network, these plastic figurines are around 5 inches tall, dressed in MTR uniforms and -- to my mind -- very cute.

Unsurprisingly, I felt greatly compelled to get my hands on them. Worried by the possibility that the MTR would run out of stock before I could get my hands on a set of these new Hello Kittys, I actually woke up earlier than usual this Sunday and, before I even had breakfast, headed to the nearest MTR station in search of these kawaii -- and, anti-pink Hello Kitty detractors please note, distinctly un-pink -- feline figurines.

Maybe it was because I was there sufficiently early but as it turned out, there was no queue in sight, forget the kind of mad stampede for Hello Kitty items that is not unheard of (but which I very fortunately have never personally experienced). Indeed, it was a breeze to come out of the MTR station with my own set of two new MTR Hello Kitty Heroes (see above photo) along with another for my fellow Hello Kitty fan mother... (Note to those planning on getting their own: There is a two set limit per person for these items!) :))


Willow said...

Congratulations on adding to your collection. And how do you display your collection, if at all? Do you keep them pristine in their boxes or do you have a luxurious, silk-lined case you like to keep them in? Do you take them out and play MTR in your spare time or with little friends? haha. ;D

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

I keep my MTR Hello Kitty Heroes in their boxes on top of my TV. (The boxes are so nice, I can't bear to dispense with them.) Occasionally, however, yes, I do get tempted to take them out and allow the Kittys to move a bit... ;))))))