Thursday, November 15, 2007

October 19th hike's end: Tai O (Photo-essay)

Two Thursdays ago, I started posting photos taken on my Chung Yeung 2007 hike from the new town of Tung Chung to the traditional fishing village of Tai O some five and half hours walk away to the west. Finding that there were more photos that I wanted to share to fit a single photo-essay, I posted another batch of pictures taken on the same hike a few days afterwards -- and now am going ahead and posting batch number three.

This time around though, the focus is on the village of Tai O and its surroundings. And should those Hong Kong filmophiles from among this blog's readers figure that the name sounds familiar, it's because Tai O has been the locale of movies like Lawrence Ah Mon's Three Summers, Andrew Lau's Bullets of Love and Jamie Luk's The Case of the Cold Fish (all of which are not major works but, nonetheless, have their charms -- and due in some part to their settings)... :b

Looking back at the scenery
my hiking companions and I were leaving behind
in order to return to 'civilisation' and search for dinner!

Getting into Tai O from the northeast, like we did,
the first major building we saw
was its historic Yeung Hau Temple

A case of photographic perspective skewing reality
-- almost needless to say, the temple building
is actually not as small as it looks there!

Looking towards the mountains
(instead of the coast and sea)

Close up view of the stilt structures
for which Tai O is famed

A sign in the form of a flag that Hong Kong
actually is part of the People's Republic of China

Yes, it really did feel as quiet and calm
as it looks in this picture out there
in that particular rural corner of Hong Kong! :b

Although we were hungry at this point,
we still found ourselves pausing
to drink in views such as these... :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my... you have a set of beautiful photos. I love them all. Enjoy yourself in HK (=

YTSL said...

Hi Pelfy --

Actually, I think I have more than one set of beautiful photos. Do check some of the rest out should you feel inclined! :)

alejna said...

I do enjoy seeing these photo essays of yours.

Those stilt structures are quite striking, as is the temple.

Sorry not to have commented in a while. I've been feeling overloaded. I still read, but I haven't managed to write as many comments...

YTSL said...

Hi Alejna --

Glad to know that you enjoy my photo essays as you're one of my long term blog readers who started checking out this blog before it became so Hong Kong centric! Also good to know that you've been reading. I've been reading your blog too so understand that you've had a lot on your plate lately.