Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Hello Kitty mania continues!

The Hello Kitty MTR Heroes Collection
a complete set of which has
unexpectedly come into my possession! :)

To put it mildly: It's been an interesting, almost well nigh on surreal, last 36 hours or so. Starting off with two non-Hello Kitty bits: Firstly, yesterday morning, I met and interviewed a charming man who has scripted a number of my favorite Hong Kong movies of all time. (His identity will be revealed about a week from now -- I promise!) Then, in the evening, I attended a glamorous premiere of a movie that I spent part of today reviewing. (The review should be up on-line next Thursday, after which I'll provide a link to it on this blog.)

In between, my editor and I received an e-mail whose body of text I'm now proceeding to more or less quote in full (but with personal names withheld and cleaned of typos):-

This is ___ of Muse's Network LTD, the official PR Agency for Sanrio Wave HK Co., Ltd.

It has been a big surprise for our team and Sanrio Wave plus its headquarters in Japan. We like to take this opportunity to thank you for featuring Hello Kitty in your 16th August 2007 issue. Once again we like to thank you on behalf of Sanrio and we are looking foward to working with your magazine again.

Keep in touch and if you want to have more on information on Hello Kitty, please feel free to call. Thanks.

Have a nice day :>

Sweet, ain't it? But that's not all! For this morning, I had a big package delivered by courier to me at the office, and when I opened it, I found it to contain a hard copy of the e-mail -- only this time, with an addendum which read as follows: p.s. Small Gift, Big Smile to _____ -- Full set of Hello Kitty x MTR Heroes Collection -- plus said wonderful collection!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))

To which I could only conclude: Only in Hong Kong, and from people imbued with the spirit of Hello Kitty (gift-giving)? ;b


lissa 07 said...

It's nice of them to give you those Hello Kitty stuff. Hope you're enjoying your week.

btw, I have change my photoblog to a new site. Here's the new link:

I will have all my photo updates over there from now on. Hope you'll visit. Read the post about this change here:

For the moment I cannot add a blogroll but if I can I will add you to it. I know I'm being really fickle but hope you'll forgive me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for your article! And the cover of the magazine!

How very adorable. How tall are the figures? They are certainly very cute but the MTR Train car is 'to die for'!

Since they offer 'further information' about Hello Kitty have you asked them about Winki Pinki?

eliza bennet said...

Congrats on receiving a nice gift :) and also on the interview which I will be looking forward to read!

YTSL said...

Hi Lissa --

Well, it's definitely been an interesting week thus far. Today's been less good though, not least because I came down with a migraine attack in the office... :S

Re your new blog: Too bad re not being able to add a blogroll but can see why you changed over there since your forte is photography.

Hi sbk --

The figures are about 4 1/2 inches tall. As for the "more information" bit: I think they meant in a professional rather than personal capacity. Anyways, from what I've been able to gather, Winki Pinki has indeed been discontinued for at least the time being but I do live in hope that she'll be resurrected at some point in the future. Still, yes, I do miss her; and like that she didn't need to be cleaned as regularly as the white kitty... ;(

Hi eliza bennet --

Thanks to both! :)

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness ytsl, congrats on all fronts and so happy for you :)))))))))))))))))))))

GoldenRockProductions said...

That is quite incredible, and shows the power of blogging these days. I wonder if the same will happen to me if I do an entry of the McDull specialty store in Kwai Fong....

YTSL said...

Hi hdoong --

Appreciate that a non-fan of Hello Kitty still can be happy for me with regards to this all. :)

At the same time, should you plan to go check out the movie that I went to the premiere for: Let's just say that you ought to keep your expectations very low and even then, you might be disappointed! ;(

Hi goldenrockproductions --

Am not sure about showing the power of blogging since I doubt that the Hello Kitty folks know that I'm a blogger, etc.

BTW, hope you're settled into Hong Kong fine. How long will you be here? And maybe our paths will cross some time... :)

Willow said...

Lucky you! The perks of the job are coming in.

Hm, I wonder what glamorous movie premiere you recently participated in ...did it feature anyone I might have squeezed or kissed? haha.

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

"Hm, I wonder what glamorous movie premiere you recently participated in ...did it feature anyone I might have squeezed or kissed? haha."

Well...let's just say that one of the stars -- who was there on the night, BTW -- shares a personal name with Hello Kitty's boyfriend, shall we? ;b

Willow said...

Mm, I didn't know Hello Kitty had a boyfriend! Sorry for my tremendous ignorance about things Hello Kitty. ;D

YTSL said...

Hi again Willow --

Well, if you had read my Hello Kitty article... but to make it easier for you: Daniel is the name... of an actor I know you adore as well as Hello Kitty's boyfriend. ;b

GoldenRockProductions said...

I seem to have misread your previous entry, because I thought it was your blog that got their attention rather than your mention in "b and the letter next of the alphabet" magazine.

Anyway, I've settled down quite well, and I hope our paths will cross one day as well =)

YTSL said...

Hi again goldenrockproductions --

Am glad to learn that you've settled down well in Hong Kong. It's quite the place to live, ain't it? :)