Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Fondly remembering my time spent in a Hagi hotel two years ago this very month (Photo-essay)

The tightening of pandemic travel restrictions that were already tighter than most other territories in the world, at a time when Hong Kong has recorded zero local transmissions for some weeks now has perplexed medical experts and upset a whole bunch of people.  And it's got me thinking that I won't be vacationing outside of Hong Kong for many months to come even while, as it stands, I've now been on a plane for what may well be the longest period of time since I turned five years of age! 

For the record: the last time I was out of Hong Kong was two years ago this very month.  And since I haven't finished posting about that Japan trip (24 months after having taken it!), I figure I will devote the rest of today's post to one more photo-essay that hopefully will bring back good memories when I look at the photos and bring some cheer tonight -- the latter for those visitors to this blog who enjoy looking at my travel pics as well as myself...
It took two trains and one long bus ride for me to get to the
next town that I'd spend a number of days and nights in --
On account of it being off the beaten international tourist track,
it was hard to find a hotel to book there -- and the one that 
I ended up staying in felt more like a ryokan than regular hotel!
(*Sadly, it appears to no longer be in business -- a victim of the pandemic?!)
The dinners (which were included in the room price, along with breakfasts) 
there were quite something -- quantity- if not quality-wise! (N.B. This is 
just a portion of the dinner I was served my first night at the hotel!)
Part of the dinner I was served my second evening of my stay
at the hotel -- and yes, fugu (a Yamaguchi prefecture specialty) 
was indeed on the menu!
Also part of dinner my second night at the hotel -- 
there seriously weren't stinting on the ingredients
as well as amount of food served!
The dinners there were memorable, and I very much enjoyed 
my luxuriously large room (and its tatami main section) but
the highlight of my stay at the hotel might actually have been
the spectacular sunset views from its rooftop space!
Honestly, it seemed that every few seconds, the views
got better and better!
Also, truly, I feel that I've really lucked out with regards
to getting amazing sunset views in Japan (with the standouts
in addition to these being those seen over in Matsue and Takayama)

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