Saturday, June 26, 2021

The police state of Hong Kong

What Hong Kongers wanted
What we got instead

His appointment expectedly raises the spectre of Hong Kong having become a police state -- a state of affairs that many people find appalling.  Not the pro-Beijing Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions' Alice Mak, however, who's on the record as stating the following in the wake of the announced appointments:  "If it’s a police state, why not? I don’t think there’s any problem with a police state"!
Here's something else to chew on: "Ivan Choy, a senior lecturer at the Chinese University's Department of Government and Public Administration, said he thinks it will become a trend for disciplinary services officers to take up cabinet-level positions, rather than administrative officers (AOs)".  I guess this is to be expected considering how disastrous the most recent former AO (i.e., present Chief Executive Carrie Lam) has been.  Even so, this the security emphasis surely is not a good "look" for Hong Kong to have; as is the fact that both the newly promoted John Lee and Chris Tang are on the US government's sanctions list (along with Carrie Lam).  
In a further sign of Hong Kong having become a police state, a Taiwanese documentary film has been pulled from an LGBT film festival after the Hong Kong authorities refused to approve the film in its entirety, screening venue Broadway Cinematheque announced.  And should it not have been clear: we now have proof that foreign films, not just local cinematic works, are now subject to censorship in ways that weren't the case prior to the amendment of the Film Censorship Ordinance earlier this month.
I know there are many people loath to leave this place, especially if it has been the only home they've ever known.  But I personally know three people who are scheduled to leave Hong Kong for good in the next three weeks as well as know a larger number who have told already told me they will probably leave by this year's end -- and pretty much all of them have security law-prompted police state fears as their primary reason for doing so.

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