Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A hike in the western New Territories (photo-essay)

As promised, I'm going ahead and continuing after a week's pause with documenting the hike in Hong Kong's second largest country park that my regular hiking companion and I went on one nice November day. More than incidentally, our trek from the Twist Management Centre to Tai Tong took on a trail that was paved from start to finish. So even though this 12 kilometer route had its inclines as well as downhill and relatively flat sections (and included the formidable sounding Maclehose Trail Stage (or Section) 9), our afternoon's exercise actually felt more akin to a leisurely stroll than a really challenging hike.

Rather than feel disappointed by this state of affairs, however, my regular hiking companion and I took advantage of the situation by allowing ourselves to linger to our heart's content in the more scenic and interesting sections of the countryside we found ourselves in. Actually, we lingered so much in so many places that it was close to sunset by the time we finished the hike! Fortunately, however, it didn't get dark until after we boarded a mini-bus to get us back to "civilization" (in the form of Yuen Long). So, all in all, it did turn out pretty well that day! :)

Still looking scene at the northeastern end
Tai Lam Chung Reservoir

This photo was taken near the same time
and place
as the first photo -- only I used
my camera's sunset setting when taking it!

This section of Tai Lam Country Park
where lots of trails intersect!

An autumnal scene appreciated by
more than one photographer ;b

A bench well placed for people to enjoy a splendid view :)

One of the reasons autumn (AKA fall) is
one of my favorite seasons is because of
the natural colors and light associated with it

Minutes after exiting Tai Lam Country Park,
one gets visual proof that great swathes of

humanity really don't live that far away

To conclude: here's a sunset silhouette shot
that I quite like :)


Horsoon said...

This is certainly quite a scenic hiking trail :) And a great photo-trip too!

I'm thinking of picking up hiking already...

p/s. I like the sunset silhouette shot too.

YTSL said...

Hi Horsoon --

Yeah, this hiking trail does have its charms. BTW, FWIW, I find hiking in Malaysia quite a bit more difficult than in Hong Kong! ;)