Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hello Kitty returns!

A few more items from my Sanrio collection :)

Close up of that which I call my Hello Kitty egg

Yup, the egg's actually a toothpick holder! :D

A little less than two weeks ago, I wrote an entry about the kawaii-ness of Hello Kitty and her ilk. Judging from the number of comments it elicited, it appears to be among the more popular of my blog's entries. Alternatively put: The reactions to it seem to suggest that there are some Hello Kitty fans -- and general appreciators of kawaii-ness -- to be found among this blog's visitors. :)

With this in mind, here's offering up a few more photographs of Hello Kitty-iana -- and, as a bonus, one little Winki Pinki plush! -- and a link to a report of a Hello Kitty-themed wedding that's due to take place in Hong Kong this upcoming Valentine's Day. (Apropos of nothing: Yes, I have noticed that Hello Kitty and Hong Kong -- where Hello Kitty-themed items abound -- have the same initials!)

Additionally, its name notwithstanding, I have little doubt that fans of Hello Kitty will find the blog named
Hello Kitty Hell to be kawaii heaven. So, whenever the need to view Hello Kitty items -- ranging from food (and drink) to futons to fire extinguishers! -- strikes, you now know where to go... ;b


Anonymous said...

Will the guests attending the Hello Kitty Wedding dress up in costume too? He..he..he, too bad you don't know them as you could revive Winki Pinki....

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Hmmmm...yeah, I adore Winki Pinki but I'm not sure that my Winki Pinki adoration stretches to wanting to dress up as her! ;DDDDD